Woodlot thicket will be cleared to make way for new hospital in Niagara Falls

CKTB-NEWS-Niagara Falls Hospital

A dense group of bushes and trees will be cleared for construction on the new South Niagara hospital.

Niagara Health says the woodlot thicket, located on the southeast portion of the land, will be cleared for future construction.

In preparation of the thicket removal, Niagara Health has partnered with local community members to recycle and preserve the site's natural elements.

Last fall, volunteers harvested pin oak acorns from the thicket and are preparing the acorns to be replanted on the north edge of the project site in the spring. 

In the coming weeks, Niagara Health will be investigating opportunities to select some trees to be used in the hospital.

Indigenous community members have spoken to the land to pay respect and explain the new purpose of the area, both its past and its future, saying it will be a place of healing for many. 

Prior to the thicket removal, community members from the Indigenous community have been invited to extract/harvest materials for their use.

The thicket will be taken down next month to avoid the risk of new habitat species inhabiting the area and to avoid bird-nesting season.

Looking ahead, Niagara Health plans to plant at least 600 new trees on the property.