You can now search online for criminal activity in your Niagara neighbourhood

crime mapping;

You can now search to see if there's been any crime reported in your Niagara neighbourhood.

Niagara Regional Police have launched a new program for you to look up criminal activity in the region.

Officials say that crime mapping provides neighbourhoods with valuable information about recent crime activity and therefore the ability to be more vigilant and implement crime awareness and prevention efforts in their homes, workplaces and community.

You can access and browse an occurrence as shown on a map by type, time, general location (block or cross Street) and name of agency that published it.

Addresses are mapped by block to ensure the privacy of residents. 

Exact addresses are never published.

Incidents that will be mapped include break & enter, robbery, assault, property crime, suspicious activity, weapons offence, fire and persons in crisis.
Information on sex offenders is not displayed.

The public does not have access to the Ontario Sex Offender Registry.

The information provided is not in real time and does not represent an exhaustive list of all NRPS incidents.

There is a natural 2 or 3 day delay in processing information.

The delay is due to the technical data management and to protect the integrity of ongoing police investigations, investigative techniques and/or identity of victims and witnesses. 

Crime Reports is publicly available via a link on the NRPS website: