You may be able to get your teeth cleaned or visit a chiropractor soon in Ontario


You may be able to get your teeth cleaned or visit a chiropractor soon.

The Ontario government is allowing some healthcare professionals including dentists, chiropractors, midwives, nurses, OTs and others to operate once again, but under strict guidelines.

Each healthcare group's regulators and colleges must allow it, and they must follow protocols to fight the spread of COVID.

The Ontario Health Association bulletin was released yesterday. You can see it here.

It outlines a gradual restart of deferred services, but still says where possible, health care providers are encouraged to limit the number of in-person visits for the safety of them and their patients.

That means it won't happen right away, but once guidelines are in place, making sure everyone stays safe.

The services that would be affected by this announcement, would be:

•    Audiologists
•    Chiropodists
•    Chiropractors
•    Dental Hygienists
•    Dental Technologists
•    Dentists
•    Denturists
•    Dietitians
•    Homeopaths
•    Kinesiologists
•    Massage Therapists
•    Medical Laboratory Technologists
•    Medical Radiation Technologists and Sonographers
•    Midwives
•    Naturopaths
•    Nurses
•    Occupational Therapists
•    Opticians
•    Optometrists
•    Pharmacists
•    Pharmacy Technicians
•    Physicians
•    Physiotherapists
•    Podiatrists
•    Psychologists
•    Psychotherapists
•    Respiratory Therapists
•    Speech-Language Pathologists
•    Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists
•    Unregulated Health Professions
•    Personal Support Workers
•    Physician Assistants
•    Physiotherapy Assistants