You will have to start paying for parking on St. Catharines streets, lots, garages and beaches


Paid parking will return to St. Catharines streets, lots and garages tomorrow.

Paying to park at the city's two beaches will also begin tomorrow as the Stay-at-Home order expires.

Council approved temporary free parking earlier this year to help support businesses that continued to operate during the shutdown. 

Free curbside parking will continue at designated spaces downtown, in Port Dalhousie and on Facer Street, offering 15-minute parking for people looking for a pickup and takeout. 

Monthly permit holders for garages already received notification that automatic payments would resume on May 31 as part of the return of paid parking.

Also tomorrow, the city is launching $3-per-hour paid parking at beach lots and the meters on Lakeport Road in Port Dalhousie with a non-extendible three-hour time limit, between June 2 and Sept. 30. 

Offsite long-term parking will be provided free of charge, with connections to beaches via the City’s active transportation network.

St. Catharines residents can still apply for a Resident Beach Parking Pass, allowing for free parking with no time limit at the Sunset Beach and Lakeside Park lots. 

Passes are available to St. Catharines residents only and can be registered to up to two licence plates, but are limited to one per household. 

Passes do not guarantee a parking spot. 

The City is currently processing requests and mailing out passes, and residents attending the beach without a pass will be provided with a temporary beach pass (with proof of residency) that will be valid until June 13. 

After June 14, resident parking beach passes will be required to park at both beach lots, or vehicles will be subjected to the hourly cost and time restrictions.