Zehrs discouraging customers from using their own bags in wake of COVID-19

CKTB-News- Zehrs

Zehrs is the latest supermarket to announce sweeping changes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an email to customers, the grocery chain says they will reduce store hours to give employees time for extra sanitization and rest.

Supermarkets will open from 7 am toi 8 pm with the first hour dedicated to seniors and those with disabilities.

Opening hours will also be cut at Shoppers Drug Mart based on the needs of each community, customers are asked check online for the revised opening hours for your store. 

 Zehrs will also begin limiting the number of customers allowed in their busiest stores at the same time.

And they are also waiving the 5 cent plastic bag fee to discourage the use of reusable bags in an effort to safeguard cashiers.

In the words of CEO Galen Weston, "It's that less touching thing again."