Life Unscripted


A weekly mental health show, hosted by Janice Arnoldi. 

  • LIFE UNSCRIPTED - Episode #133


    Chair of Pride Niagara, Enzo De Divitis about Pride Month, what the world used to
    be like for 2SLGBTQ+ people, where we are today and what are his hopes
    for the future.?


  • LIFE UNSCRIPTED - Episode #132


    Horse Sense for Kids is a program that brings together at-risk children
    and the magic of horses. These are kids who have mental health issues,
    may live in poverty or have other life struggles. On June 10, the
    charity is holding Wild West Days to raise money to support the program.
    It's great fun for whole family. There will be horse grooming, pony
    rides, crafts, face painting and other fun activities. Horse Sense for
    Kids is at BnR stable at 2250 Balfour St. in Fenwick.  Check out the
    website at or


  • LIFE UNSCRIPTED - Episode #131


    Women's Place in Niagara which provides a save haven for women who are experience gender violence has amalgamated it's three shelters under one roof. The shelter is now called Birchway Niagara. Executive director Jennifer Gauthier is on Life Unscripted to talk about Birchway and the help it provides to women who are escaping abuse.


  • LIFE UNSCRIPTED - Episode #130


    Karen Orlandi, Minister at Silver Spire Church in downtown St. Catharines:

    There's been a lot of conversations in the past week or so about people
    in downtown St. Catharines who have no homes or are using drugs and that
    the city's core is not safe. Karen Orlandi is minister at Silver Spire
    Church and she and Silver Spire do a lot of outreach. She talks to
    Janice Arnoldi about how she sees homelessnes and drug use and how the
    world is divided between the "good" - people with homes and the "bad" -
    people who are un-housed.


  • LIFE UNSCRIPTED Episode #129


    Blue Guardian Emmanuel Akindele

    New mobile app to help kids to track their mental health was released to mark Mental Health Week. – Blue Guardian - uses AI to help kids identify how they are feeling. Founder Emmanuel Akindelay had some bad experiences with mental health as a child, including teachers who just brushed him off rather than offering help.  But while AI like ChatGPT uses publicly available intelligence and knowledge to make information hyper available to anyone, Blue Guardian only tracks emotional intelligence based solely on the individual using the app. 


  • LIFE UNSCRIPTED - Episode #128


    Mike Lethby, The Raft.