Liz Fleming Travels


Travel writer Liz Fleming takes us around the world with an inside look at life on the move from packing tips to healthcare, navigating airports and more! 

Liz Fleming Travels is brought to you by CAA Niagara, and hosted by the one and only Liz Fleming.

  • LIZ FLEMING TRAVELS - November 21st

    This week on Liz Fleming Travels, Liz talks to Glow Niagara, a new holiday light extravaganza at Safari Niagara.  GM Ryan Ward will be a guest and will tell us all about how to enjoy this new COVID-safe family activity.   She also be talks about breaking up with our bad old carryon bags and finding new ones to love.  Finally, she takes a look at why we're not absolutely crazy to think about staying in an ice hotel.
  • LIZ FLEMING TRAVELS - November 14th

    Today on Liz Fleming Travels, Liz is joined by travel expert Martha Chapman to talk about solo travel. She also takes a look at why Saskatchewan is anything but flat or boring - it's home to Grasslands National Park! And the best gifts to bring home from your holidays.
  • LIZ FLEMING TRAVELS - November 7th

    This week, Liz speaks with travel expert Martha Chapman about solo travel, and does a Travels for Tomorrow look at the Galapagos Islands and offering tips for things we should never travel without.
  • LIZ FLEMING TRAVELS - October 31st

    This week, Liz speaks with Jenny Hipwell, Spa Director at White Oaks, about how spas are stepping up to make it possible for us to enjoy a relaxing and safe getaway. Liz also talks about the hippie culture on Ibiza and about ways to travel and leave the world a little better than you found it.
  • LIZ FLEMING TRAVELS - October 24th

    This week, Liz speaks with Bill Willard, Vice President of Automotive Services for CAA Niagara about getting your car and your mindset ready for winter travel!   She also talks about shopping when you travel and taking a look at what you can do to celebrate Hallowe'en in Niagara.
  • LIZ FLEMING TRAVELS - October 17th

    This week Liz speaks with Erik Elvejord, the Public Relations Director for Holland America Line cruises about the future of cruise travel. The show also features cruising in Alaska and a set of tips for road-tripping with your dog. You can access Virtual Onstage Alaska, for free at
  • LIZ FLEMING TRAVELS - October 10th

    This week Liz is speaking with Sam Ion, a well-known travel journalist who specializes in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and all-inclusives. Sam recently went to Jamaica to check out the Moon Palace and fills us in on how all-inclusives are handling the challenges of Covid 19.   For the Travels for Tomorrow segment, Liz talks about feeding her adrenaline addiction by waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica, finding moose in northern Quebec, and swimming with sharks and stingrays in Bora Bora. Finally, Liz takes a look at a driving holiday to the wineries and orchards of Prince Edward County.