Liz Fleming Travels


Travel writer Liz Fleming takes us around the world with an inside look at life on the move from packing tips to healthcare, navigating airports and more! 

Liz Fleming Travels is brought to you by CAA Niagara, and hosted by the one and only Liz Fleming.

  • LIZ FLEMING TRAVELS - August 8th

    This week on Liz Fleming Travels, Liz speaks with Guy Theriault from Parks Canada about what families can do outside this summer. Liz also talks about taking holidays in the Thousand Island regions of Ontario.
  • LIZ FLEMING TRAVELS - August 1st

    On the inaugural episode of Liz Fleming Travels, Liz will be talking about places she's been and remembering and fantasizing about during lockdown. Amanda Fletcher, Associate Director of Marketing for CAA Niagara will join Liz to talk about road tripping, the advantages of booking travel through an agent, and why travel insurance is the most important thing to put on your packing list.