Niagara Made


We see the name, we recognize the building, but do we really know the full story behind Niagara’s companies, large and small?

Join local leadership development coach, Ruth Unrau as she highlights a new “Niagara made” business every week, diving into their history, impact and successes as well as the challenges they face today.  

Niagara Made is brought to you by Meridian Credit Union 

  • Niagara Made - Episode 4

    In this episode host Ruth Unrau is joined by Chris Sinclair of Brand Blvd to talk about growth and corporate culture and the importance of a strong team.

  • Niagara Made - Episode 3

    On this week’s episode of Niagara Made, host Ruth Unrau speaks with Tara Kulawic of Urban Cravings on making sure healthy is not so hard to find in Niagara.

  • Niagara Made - Episode 2

    In this episode host Ruth Unrau is joined by Don Vloet of Dun for You to chat about home renovations.

  • Niagara Made - Episode 1

    In this episode, host Ruth Unrau is joined by Wade Stayzer, Chief People & Culture Officer, Senior VP Business Banking at Meridian Credit Union to talk about how they’re truly “Niagara Made”, humble beginnings, their strong relationship building culture & having a big local impact.