Niagara Made


We see the name, we recognize the building, but do we really know the full story behind Niagara’s companies, large and small?

Join local leadership development coach, Ruth Unrau as she highlights a new “Niagara made” business every week, diving into their history, impact and successes as well as the challenges they face today.  

Niagara Made is brought to you by Meridian Credit Union 

  • Niagara Made - Episode 19

    This week on Niagara Made, Ruth Unrau is joined by Amy Morrison from The Boot Shop.  They talked about the longevity of the Boot Shop's 3rd generation Family Owned business as well as the things they’ve had to do in order to stay in business through COVID.
  • Niagara Made - Episode 18

    This week on Niagara Made, Ruth talks to Steve Otten, Regional Vice President, Business Banking, Niagara Credit Union. They talk about small business in Niagara and tips for success, as well as October being Small Business month and what Meridian is doing to support that.  
  • NIAGARA MADE - Episode 17

    Ruth Unrau is joined by Linde Hildebrand-Ramaker from Ramaker’s Imports in St. Catharines. They talk about the rich history of the store and the many years they’ve been a family business.  And, they celebrate their 45th anniversary on October 3rd!  
  • NIAGARA MADE - Episode 16

    This week on Niagara Made, host Ruth Unrau is joined by Kristi DeLima of Snips Landscaping.
  • NIAGARA MADE - Episode 15

    This week, host Ruth Unrau interviewed Andy Murison, President & CEO of Niagara Falls Craft Distillers. They talked about the Distiller's passion, their products, their process and how they tell unique pioneer stories about Niagara Falls. 
  • NIAGARA MADE - Episode 14

    On this episode of Niagara Made, host Ruth Unrau was joined by Leigh Vance, owner of Performance Mobility in Niagara Falls.