Parental Guidance


​Parental Guidance, hosted by Chrissy Sadowski looks at the various challenges and pitfalls facing the modern parent. She's joined by a new guest each week where they'll tackle a new hot topic affecting parents. 

  • PARENTAL GUIDANCE - Episode 42

    This week, Chrissy Sadowski speaks with Trevor Harris about being in the same family bubble but making different choices for kids, beyond school.  
  • PARENTAL GUIDANCE - Episode 41

    This week Chrissy is joined by Sean VanderKlis, co host of One Dish One Mic, as they explore raising children in a racist world.
  • PARENTAL GUIDANCE - Episode 40

    On this week’s show, Briar Krieger joins Chrissy Sadowski to discuss being a mom and what’s truly important as kids get older.
  • PARENTAL GUIDANCE - Episode 39

    This weekend on Parental Guidance, Chrissy Sadowski and Mat Siscoe talk about life getting back to semi-normal now that he and the kids are back at school.
  • PARENTAL GUIDANCE - Episode 38

    This week, Chrissy Sadowski speaks with Brandon Currie, father and Chartered Life Underwriter and Senior Advisor at CR Smith Financial, about planning for your future.
  • PARENTAL GUIDANCE - Episode 37

    Chrissy Sadowski is joined by Nathalie Godmaire, Special Needs teacher and mother, about back to school.   See for privacy information.
  • PARENTAL GUIDANCE - Episode 36

    Chrissy Sadowski speaks with Bonnie Heslop about Bonnie's decision to send her kids back to school. See for privacy information.
  • Mayor Walter Sendzik

    Chrissy talks to Mayor Sendzik to get all the details as some of the cities arenas are opening back up.  
  • Krystina Waler - St. Catharines CPC

    Chrissy talks to Krystina about last night's Federal Conservative leadership decision.