• Morning X Podcast - 10/23/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 23rd 2019

    -Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker Day

    -Lions look like they're tanking

    -Woman grinds on cop while being arrested

    -Guy tries to use fake 1 million dollar bill

    -Kate Beckinsale sniffs her 20-year old daughters socks

    -Oprah buys random student a new phone

    -Woman has had the hiccups for 12 years

    -Vegas qualifier

    -Tasks you don't trust a robot to do

    -Yellow light traffic lights may get longer

    -Are your sexting habits normal? (Chris' dumbass gives out his real number on air)

  • A Barney Movie Would Kick Ass!

    You know how Hollywood is these days. Everything has to be dark. Have a bit of an edge to it. So if they're really considering a damn Barney The Dinosaur movie, we can at least have him eat a few kids right?

  • Morning X Podcast - 10/22/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 22nd 2019

    -Election re-cap

    -World Series kicks off tonight with a great pitching matchup

    -Does C-3PO dies in new Star Wars movie?

    -Horror movies get you laid more

    -Burger King Ghost Whopper in Detroit

    -Michigan doesn't rock has hard as we thought

    -Vegas qualifier

    -Tupac Shakur arrested for meth

    -The Rhinoceros Party

    -Russia already hacking 2020 election

    -Guy moves into vacant house without asking

    -Eating like a kid for a day

  • REVIEW: Does Zombieland 2 Nut-Up or Shut-Up!?

    Nate checked out Zombieland: Double Tap on the weekend. A follow-up to a movie that has become a cult-classic of sorts. 10 years later, does Zombieland 2 nut-up or shut-up? 

  • Morning X Podcast - 10/21/19

    -Election Day In Canada

    -Exercise before breakfast

    -Lions season in big trouble

    -Teacher stops school shooting

    -Car thief asks cop for help

    -Chris thinks The Godfather is one of the most overrated movies

    -Guy has barn cut in half by city

    -Monday Morning Munchies

    -Impact Wrestling coming to town with Ken Shamrock

    -All you can drink... but only every 10 minutes

    -Aiden's football and election picks

    -Vegas qualifier

    -Online dating lies

  • High Five At 5 - Friday October 18th

    Here are your top 5 songs on 89X this week!

    1) Shinedown "Attention Attention"

    2) Silverstein "Burn It Down"

    3) Saint Asonia "The Hunted"

    4) Asking Alexandria "The Violence"

    5) Green Day "Father Of All..."

  • 89 Hours In Vegas Week 8 Winner!

    Krista was this week's winner and will be joining Mark and Chris in Vegas! Still one more trip to give away next week!

  • Morning X Podcast - 10/18/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 18th 2019

    -Roulette Pizza

    -A bar where you have to come alone

    -BIG NFL injury last night

    -Netflix cracking down on shared passwords

    -Vegas qualifier

    -Earbuds causing ear infections

    -Kurt Sutter fired from FX

    -What the Google!

    -'What's the Sound?' for Metallica tickets

    -2 in 1 underground strip club

    -Suing Taco Bell over $2

    -89 Hours in Vegas Week 8 Winner

  • Nate Sings Happy Birthday To Legal Weed In Canada!

    October 17, 2018. The day weed was legalized in Canada. Now, one year later, Nate took time out of his not-so-busy-day to sing Happy Birthday. Bring your ear plugs!

  • Morning X Podcast - 10/17/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 17th 2019

    -Mark hates bald people

    -Your face on a robot

    -Awkward NFL locker room

    -Basketball sized testicles

    -Guy whips out penis in dollar store

    -Kellogg's selling 6 cereals mixed together

    -Woman sneaks onto plane.... again

    -Creepy things men do

    -'Morning Rewind' for Metallica tickets

    -Open relationships never turn out well

    -Vegas qualifier

  • Taking Back Sunday - Live X

    Taking Back Sunday perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at ROAK Brewing Co. on Sept 24, 2016.
  • The Struts - Live X

    The Struts perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Fountain Detroit in Campus Martius on July 25th 2016.
  • Breaking Benjamin - Live X

    Breaking Benjamin perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Old Shillelagh in Detroit on September 25th 2015.
  • Pop Evil - Live X

    Pop Evil perform live at a Free 89X Live X at Tequila Blue in Royal Oak on November 21st 2015.
  • I Prevail - Live X

    I Prevail perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at Fifth Avenue in Royal Oak, MI on August 21, 2015.
  • Sublime - Live X

    Sublime with Rome perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Red Ox Tavern on July 25th 2015
  • Seether - Live X

    Shaun Morgan from Seether performs for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X the State Bar in Detroit on January 23, 2015.
  • Nothing More - Live X

    Nothing More performs live at the McShane's Irish Pub in Detroit on February 4, 2015.
  • 30 Seconds To Mars - Live X

    Thirty Seconds to Mars perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at the Union Woodshop on August 30th 2014.