Fan Discovers 'Centuries' Was Fall Out Boy's 100th Song


Fall Out Boy’s 2014 single “Centuries” was aptly the 100th song the band ever released, according to a Reddit user with a lot of time on his hands.

“Now this is epic,” declared Jos4402012b, who qualified the discovery by explaining that you “don’t count the few covers on the list.”

Rock Sound set out to confirm that the American Beauty/American Psycho track was indeed FOB’s 100th.

“Only official releases count. Covers that were recorded for compilations are out. Covers that were officially released on Fall Out Boy albums or EPs do count. Collaborations count, but only if they're proper collaborations. Every song on every album and EP counts (except live versions). Remixes only count if they were on an album or EP.”

With all this in mind, “Centuries” was, in fact, No. 100.

A clever plan by FOB or coincidence?