• Morning X Podcast - 04/09/20

    Morning X Podcast for April 9th 2020 -Chris gives a Holy Thursday lesson -Mark wants a facial -Doug Ford is fed up -People have to watch classic sports for their fix -Doctor arrested for choking teen because she wasn't social distancing -Wearing a thong as a face mask -Trudeau "moistly' song is a viral hit -We may never shake hands again according to doctors -How to avoid a flood... the wrong way -We finally know exactly what are partners do at work -Trump looking into pardoning Joe Exotic -Son punches mom over hidden toilet paper -The newest viral challenge... The Pillow Challenge  
  • Morning X Podcast - 04/08/20

    Morning X Podcast for April 8th -Do you like thunderstorms? -Legal weed shops can now deliver -Baseball coming back next month? -CFL makes an announcment -Detroit Grand Prix cancelled -Suspect hands off baby during police chase -Mayor's wife caught at bar during stay at home order -Jimmy Kimmel to host Celebrity Who wants To Be A Millionaire? -New York could see half of it's population get Coronavirus -Prime Minister slips up with his words -Coronavirus hygiene -Tracy Morgan doesn't disappoint on live TV -App lets you 'Deepfake' any celebrity -Cops arrest dad for playing catch with daughter -Robots may save us after all
  • Morning X Podcast - 04/07/20

    Morning X Podcast for April 7th 2020 -The shine from working from home is over -Running people over, machetes, pipes... Windsor is going crazy -A Detroit Legend passed away -American's getting more violent as well -What are the odds!? -Foods people are getting delivered the most -Mark is devastated to find out they don't make THIS anymore -New York City may start burying bodies in public parks -Stupidest Coronavirus cures you've heard of so far -Indulging during the pandemic -Cheap people will do ANYTHING for a deal -National Beer Day -A few positives right now
  • Morning X Podcast - 04/06/20

    Morning X Podcast for April 6th -Mark is an over protective parent -E Learning starts today for students -Sports are getting desperate -New Tiger King Episode coming -Pranks that got you fired -Police in Louisville use “Purge” Siren -People are burning down 5G Networks  -Monday Morning Munchies (Ice Creme Bars) -Would you still 'Meet Your Match' during this time? -LOTS of people still going to church services because they are covered in "Jesus' Blood" -Coronavirus Testing scam shut down -Corona Beer is stopping production
  • Morning X Podcast - 04/03/20

    Morning X Podcast for April 3rd 2020 -Frontline Friday! -Wolfhead giving away sanitizer -NBL Cancelled -St. Clair College Sports Plex being turned into field hospital -Are dildos an essential item? -Georgia Governor didn't know people without symptoms could spread the Coronavirus -Thank you to all Frontline and essential workers! -Serial Flasher in Michigan finally caught -What The Google!? -Is it safe to golf? -A pizza cutting hack -Sex Workers really taking a hit during this shutdown -Joe Exotic may have Coronavirus -Some symptoms of Coronavirus are hallucination -Couple has been quarantined since their first date  
  • Morning X Podcast - 04/02/20

    Morning X Podcast for April 2nd 2020 -People are going for random walks in cemeteries -Crime continues in Windsor with an overnight murder -More sports cancellations -China experiencing another wave of Coronavirus deaths -Letting your kids give you a makeover -OJ Simpson thinks Carole Baskin killed her husband -Memorial Day the new target date -A cure for the Coronavirus? -Coronavirus crimes on the rise -Fountain of Wayne singer dies from Coronavirus -Chris is mind blown that Adam Schlesinger wrote THIS song!? -28 Spring Breakers have tested positive for Covid -Pennsylvania Pastors says he's holding an Easter Mass as big as Woodstock -Chipotle and KFC are latest companies to step up -A possible beer shortage may be coming
  • Morning X Podcast - 04/01/20

    Morning X Podcast for April 1st 2020 -Mark FINALLY is watching 'Tiger King' -Front Line Fridays -School closures extended -ESPN broadcasting NBA2K tournament -Death numbers are going to sky rocket -More famous people testing positive for Coronavirus -No surprise but alcohol sales thru the roof right now -Lots of companies laying people off while other companies are looking to hire people -Have you ever been sneezed on? -Hate phone scammers? Try this solution! -Houston Mayor tells criminals to please 'chill' -What have you done that you've never done before? -Animals taking over towns
  • Morning X Podcast - 03/31/20

    Morning X Podcast for March 31st 2020 -Mark taking phone calls while on the toilet -Shaq distancing himself from 'Joe Exotic' -The new 'Walk In Naked' Challenge -Woman says "she'll do what she wants'... gets arrested -Astrophysicist had to go to hospital because he had magnets stuck up his nose -April is cancelled -Drunk guy lets his dog drive his car -People continue to dress up to try to sneak out... this time as a 'bush' -Amazon workers walk out in protest -Guy hands out 10K to people standing in unemployment line -Mountain Dew has teams up with Doritos
  • Morning X Podcast - 03/30/20

    Morning X Podcast for March 30th 2020

    -Chris took advantage of ordering alcohol with takeout over the weekend

    -Coronavirus numbers in North America and Windsor

    -NFL Draft will go on as scheduled

    -Get ready to be at home for atleast another month

    -Sending a message to the wrong person

    -Tipping your delivery driver with toilet paper and hand sanitizer

    -Auto Show cancelled... Cobo needed for makeshift hospital

    -Monday Morning Munchies

    -Uranus leaking gas

    -Detroit numbers could take off soon

    -Olympics have new a new date

    -Riots in China over fake numbers

    -47 people and a DJ attend Coronavirus party

    -People buying more shirts but not pants

  • Morning X Podcast - 03/27/20

    Morning X Podcast for March 27th 2020

    -We think it's Friday!?

    -We can now get alcohol with our take out and delivery orders

    -More idiots coughing on food

    -The struggles of working from home

    -Here's what people are buying and NOT buying

    -No transit in Windsor anymore

    -Weekend Weather Update with Frankie

    -Mexico now wants to shut down border to Americans

    -What The Google!?

    -Chris lost $1500 in one day trying to 'day trade'

    -Mark becoming obsessive with washing his clothes

    -You co-workers are likely naked when working from home

    -People resorting to cutting their own hair

    -Man chases neighbor with sword over loud music

  • Taking Back Sunday - Live X

    Taking Back Sunday perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at ROAK Brewing Co. on Sept 24, 2016.
  • The Struts - Live X

    The Struts perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Fountain Detroit in Campus Martius on July 25th 2016.
  • Breaking Benjamin - Live X

    Breaking Benjamin perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Old Shillelagh in Detroit on September 25th 2015.
  • Pop Evil - Live X

    Pop Evil perform live at a Free 89X Live X at Tequila Blue in Royal Oak on November 21st 2015.
  • I Prevail - Live X

    I Prevail perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at Fifth Avenue in Royal Oak, MI on August 21, 2015.
  • Sublime - Live X

    Sublime with Rome perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Red Ox Tavern on July 25th 2015
  • Seether - Live X

    Shaun Morgan from Seether performs for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X the State Bar in Detroit on January 23, 2015.
  • Nothing More - Live X

    Nothing More performs live at the McShane's Irish Pub in Detroit on February 4, 2015.
  • 30 Seconds To Mars - Live X

    Thirty Seconds to Mars perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at the Union Woodshop on August 30th 2014.