• Morning X Podcast - 10/29/20

    Morning X Podcast for October 29th -Mark's Glad He Doesn't Have To Vote -Man Loses $1 Million Because Of Stat Change -Woman Scammed Amazon Out of $165,000 -Karen Changes Her Mind in Drive Thru -Dave Grohl Tackles His Caffeine Addiction -Most Sacked QB of All Time? -Bezos Buying CNN? -Man on Segue Rescuing Raccoons -Is This Sleep Calculator Theory Correct? -How Will The Super Bowl Look This Season? -Another Pandemic Casualty: Tim Hortons? -Woman Demands Refund With Crobar  
  • Morning X Podcast - 10/28/20

    Morning X Podcast for October 28th 2020 -We Gave Away 2K Yesterday! -Dodgers Win The World Series -Drake’s Weird B-Day Menu -Thieves Break into an Escape Room? -Play-Doh For Grownups -Guy Falls in to Rat Infested Sink Hole in NYC -Rat Horror Stories? -PSA: Don’t Superglue Vampire Teeth into Your Mouth -Lions Make A Trade -Finally, a Pill That Prevents Snoring -Amusement Park 'Karen'
  • Morning X Podcast - 10/27/20

    Morning X Podcast for October 27th 2020 -Where Did We Get All This Money From? -Hot Sauce In The Eye -Guy Covers Himself in 140 Pounds of Bees for World Record -Neighbor Blasts “Gilligan’s Island” Theme To Piss Off Other Neighbour -More Proof That Cats are Evil Bastards -World Series Ends Tonight? -Someone Robbed Conan O’Brien’s Theatre -Angry Neighbor Karen Shuts Down “Illegal” Party -2K Tuesday!! -Patio Domes Get Doug Ford’s Approval -Don’t Get Blackout Drunk During a Robbery  
  • Morning X Podcast - 10/26/20

    Morning X Podcast for October 26th 2020 -What’s The Best Way To Eat an Oreo? -Khabib Retires After Win -Misuse and Theft of COVID Relief Funds -Kevin Flips Out on Airplane -Woman Claims She Can Eat 200 at a time -Lions Get A Last Second Win -Man Arrested For Reporting Aliens… No It Wasn’t Mark -Have You Watched Borat 2 Yet? -Woman’s Father Wraps Oreos in Velveeta!? -Final Week to Opt out of Time of Use -Is Trump Using a Fake Melania? -Guy Calls Cops For His Missing Drugs
  • Morning X Podcast - 10/23/20

    Morning X Podcast for October 23rd 2020 -Soooooo DARK Out! -Khabib's Last Fight? -Cheap Ass Parents Use Baby to Get Free WiFi -A Drunken McDonald’s Order -Hot Pepper Eating Competition -Aiden’s Football Locks Of The Week (3-1 last week) -A Boring Presidential Debate -What The Google!? -Does Throwing Poop Mean Higher IQ? -Most Popular Donuts -Guy Stops in Middle of Police Chase to Fill Up -Should This MLB Season Count? -Reusable Containers At Tim Hortons And Burger King -Karma Karen Gets What She Deserves 
  • Morning X Podcast - 10/22/20

    Morning X Podcast for October 22nd 2020 -Chris Broke A World Record! -What Is Mark's Fetish? -Washington football Team Sticking With No Name For Awhile -Giuliani Caught with Hand Down Pants? -Penis Dismemberment Fetish -What Moment Do You Realize “Wow I’m Old”? -No One is Watching the World Series -NASA to Make “Exciting” Announcement  -Guy Caught Pleasuring Himself Claims He Was Playing Air Drums -Testing a Guys Generosity -Pet Monkey Attacking Neighbourhood
  • Morning X Podcast - 10/21/20

    Morning X Podcast for October 21st 2020 -National Nacho Day -The More You Know With Mark -Chris REALLY Wants You To Text In -Biggest Complainers In Sports -Is Halloween a “Go” This Year? -Maskless Starbucks 'Karen' -Chipotle Has Figured Out The “Tortilla on the Side” Scam -Should Sexual Fetishes Leave The Bedroom? -Man Jailed After Sex With Chickens -How Do You Deal With Bad Breath Under Your Mask? -Parklet Patio Program Extended in Windsor -Facebook and Twitter Blocks “Right Wing” News -This Guy Almost Stole $1000 Worth of Stuff Thanks to Kool-Aid
  • Morning X Podcast - 10/20/20

    Morning X Podcast for October 20th 2020 -To Do or Not To Do Halloween? -Buck and Aikman Don’t Like Flyovers  -Getting Caught On A Hot Mic -Squirrel Trafficking Ring Busted in Florida -Naked Teen Covered in Ranch Dressing -Preserving Empty Blockbuster as a Museum -30 For 30: Oscar Pistorious -Is It Okay to Pleasure Yourself on Zoom Calls? -Man Burns Down Trailer Trying to Kill Raccoons -2K Tuesday! -Poor Sportsmanship Causes Wife to Leave -Japan to Release Radioactive Water into Ocean -'Everybody Dies Karen'
  • Morning X Podcast - 10/19/20

    Morning X Podcast for October 19th 2020 -Mark Saved An Elephant's Life -World Series is Set  -Yodeling Contest “Super Spreader” Event  -Man Calls Cops on Claw Machine -Humming to Search Songs on Google  -Will Smith Confusion Over The Weekend -Old Age Home “Fight Club”  -Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Karen -Have You Changed Up Your Showering Routine? -Dirty Stadiums -Calgary Woman Lets Goose into Home  -Man Found Living in Grocery Store Ceiling  
  • Morning X Podcast - 10/16/20

    Morning X Podcast for October 16th 2020 -National Bosses Day -Secret Hiding Spots -Zamboni Bursts into Flames -Man Pees On Woman During Flight  -Burglar Leaves Name and Address Behind -No… Screech Did Not Die in Prison -Aiden’s Football Picks -Man With The Golden Bum -What The Google!? -Has Any Movie Made Money This Year? -Do Successful People Drink A Lot Of Coffee? -Working Remotely While On Vacation -Thai Palace Jammed -Are Former Spider-Men Returning for Spider-Man 3? -'Karen' Missed The Bus!
  • Taking Back Sunday - Live X

    Taking Back Sunday perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at ROAK Brewing Co. on Sept 24, 2016.
  • The Struts - Live X

    The Struts perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Fountain Detroit in Campus Martius on July 25th 2016.
  • Breaking Benjamin - Live X

    Breaking Benjamin perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Old Shillelagh in Detroit on September 25th 2015.
  • Pop Evil - Live X

    Pop Evil perform live at a Free 89X Live X at Tequila Blue in Royal Oak on November 21st 2015.
  • I Prevail - Live X

    I Prevail perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at Fifth Avenue in Royal Oak, MI on August 21, 2015.
  • Sublime - Live X

    Sublime with Rome perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Red Ox Tavern on July 25th 2015
  • Seether - Live X

    Shaun Morgan from Seether performs for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X the State Bar in Detroit on January 23, 2015.
  • Nothing More - Live X

    Nothing More performs live at the McShane's Irish Pub in Detroit on February 4, 2015.
  • 30 Seconds To Mars - Live X

    Thirty Seconds to Mars perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at the Union Woodshop on August 30th 2014.