• Morning X Podcast - 07/08/20

    The Morning X Podcast for July 8th 2020 -Mark Slept In -500 Million Dollars Means Not Being Able To Do Anything -USA May Ban TikTok -Guy Shoots Corpse at Funeral  -Newest Item Sold Out Everywhere… Beach Chairs  -Heard/Depp Lawsuit Is Better Than Reality TV -Guy Fired For Freaking Out at Costco -Karen News Network Story Of The Day -COVID in USA: “Spreading Too Fast To Trace” -Criminals Continue to Catch Each Other  -Networks Giving Reality Stars “Good Behavior” Bonus
  • Morning X Podcast - 07/07/20

    Morning X Podcast for July 7th 2020 -Mark Wants to Exploit His Son -Kingsville and Leamington Finally Open Up -Is Ellen DeGeneres Dead? -Someone Stabbed Over Electrical Outlet -Karen News Network Story Of The Day -The $500 Million Dollar Man -Tigers And Jays Get Their Schedule -Arm Wrestling Match Turns in to 8HR Standoff  -The Majority of us Have Packed on the Pounds   -Billboard Claims Livonia is Racist -Four People Won 20K Just For Holding Their Phone  -Kanye is Already Acting Like a Politician -Miracle Day Food Drive Numbers Are In.... And They're HIGH!
  • Morning X Podcast - 07/06/20

    Morning X Podcast for July 6th 2020 -Pay Attention or This Could Happen To You -The Greatest Athlete Of All Time Is No Longer Up For Debate -Michigan Reports No New Coronavirus Cases This Weekend… Because Everyone Was Out Partying -Worst Pickup Strategy Ever? -When Do You Roll Out of Bed While Working From Home? -Kanye Is Running For President -Monday Morning Munchies -Karen News Network  -It Pays To Test Positive For Corona -Putin Elected President For Life -People are Going to Extreme Measures To Avoid Germs
  • Morning X Podcast - 07/03/20

    Morning X Podcast for July 3rd 2020 -HEAT WAVE! -Big Push For 'Redskins' To Change Their Name -Immunity Passports? -Don’t Mess With This Dudes Pizza Toppings -These People Are Coping Better With Coronavirus -Ghislaine Maxwell Finally Arrested -What Is Orbiting? -Top 5 Things About America -Did You Ever Run Out Of Toilet Paper During The Pandemic? -Tigers Will Have In Game Betting This Season -You Will Soon Be Able To Print Your Own Food -Guy Steals Stripper Pole After Using His Porn Store Membership Card -Make Up For Men Is Getting Popular
  • Morning X Podcast - 07/02/20

    Morning X Podcast for July 2nd 2020 -Mark Has Returned From Vacation With A LOT Of Food -County Farm Shut Down Over 191 Covid Cases -Amazon Driver Quits and Abandons Truck  -Contests to See Who Can Catch COVID First -Going 0-100 Real Quick -Does Coronavirus Cause 4 Hour Erections? -Drunk Drivers Crash into Each Other -Heinz Released Some “Interesting” Recipes  -Canadian Tire Stores Forced to Close… But Not Because of Coronavirus -We’re Half Way Through 2020… Is the Worst Behind Us? -Beavis and Butthead Is Back     
  • Morning X Podcast - 06/24/20

    Morning X Podcast for June 24th 2020 -Costco Stopping This -Bubba Wallace Not Target Of Hate Crime -Will Business’ Defy Orders and Open Up? -Man With Knife In Head  -Is The Game Of Chess Racist? -Mask Now Mandatory Starting Friday -Ron Jeremy Charged With Rape -People Are Microwaving Library Books -Getting Sprayed With Disinfectant Before Entering A Concert -MLB Officially Coming Back -Are You Setting Off Fireworks at Night? -Sounds Of Summer (Pool Party Edition) -Did Someone Get a High Def Photo Of The Loch Ness Monster?
  • Morning X Podcast - 06/23/20

    Morning X Podcast for June 23rd 2020 -Does He Or Doesn't he? -Still Stuck In Phase 1 -Pandemic Causes Increase in These Types of Injuries -Exercise Could Shorten You Life Span -Get Paid To Poop -Baseball Season To Start Around July 24th -Who Is To Blame? -This Is One Unique Way To Smuggle Drugs -The Real Reason We Like Working From Home -This American City May Changes It’s Name -The New Pandemic Item To Stock Up On…. Pocket Change? -Michael Keaton in Talks To Play Batman Again? 
  • Morning X Podcast - 06/22/20

    Morning X Podcast for June 22nd 2020 -Worst Dad Jokes From The Weekend -Arbys vs Windsor Police -Noose Found In NASCAR Garage -Masks Mandatory In Windsor-Essex -Man Arrested For Unique and Erotic Statue -Women Find Men Less Attractive When They’re Holding This -Joe Rogan Under Fire For Old Clip -Monday Morning Munchies (Jolly Rancher Edition) -Cobain Guitar Sets Record at Auction -Disposable Urinals Very Popular -This Guy REALLY Wanted a Big Gulp…. -What Is The Male Version Of “Karen”?
  • Morning X Podcast - 06/19/20

    Morning X Podcast for June 19th 2020 -Does Being Lazy Take Effort? -Covid Tracking App -Smart 'Coronavirus' Rings For NBA Players -What Could Go Wrong w/ Genetically Modified Mosquitos? -Blow Up Dolls For Sex Scenes -Is The Cure For Coronavirus, Moving to Mars? -What The Google!? -World's Longest Pee -Hottest TV Dads -Unclaimed Baggage Being Resold -Pavel Datsyuk Being Held Hostage By Russian Priest? -What Will You Do Before The World Ends On Sunday? -What Will You Do Before The World Ends?
  • Morning X Podcast - 06/18/20

    Morning X Podcast for June 18th -Mark's going to get 311 called on him -Trump Says Kaepernick Should Get Another Chance -Apparently, we all speak a little Chimpanzee -Nude Man Spends Half a Day on Top of Poll -Allen Glover from Tiger King Got a DUI -Aunt Jemima and Uncle Bens Changing Imagery and Name -Sounds of Summer (RV Road Trip Edition) -The Worst Dad’s In TV and Film  -Chris D’Elia and Danny Masterson In Hot Water -Strippers Don't Want To Strip Outside -Your Dog Needs to Follow Social Distancing Guidelines
  • Taking Back Sunday - Live X

    Taking Back Sunday perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at ROAK Brewing Co. on Sept 24, 2016.
  • The Struts - Live X

    The Struts perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Fountain Detroit in Campus Martius on July 25th 2016.
  • Breaking Benjamin - Live X

    Breaking Benjamin perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Old Shillelagh in Detroit on September 25th 2015.
  • Pop Evil - Live X

    Pop Evil perform live at a Free 89X Live X at Tequila Blue in Royal Oak on November 21st 2015.
  • I Prevail - Live X

    I Prevail perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at Fifth Avenue in Royal Oak, MI on August 21, 2015.
  • Sublime - Live X

    Sublime with Rome perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at The Red Ox Tavern on July 25th 2015
  • Seether - Live X

    Shaun Morgan from Seether performs for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X the State Bar in Detroit on January 23, 2015.
  • Nothing More - Live X

    Nothing More performs live at the McShane's Irish Pub in Detroit on February 4, 2015.
  • 30 Seconds To Mars - Live X

    Thirty Seconds to Mars perform for an X-Clusive FREE LIVE X at the Union Woodshop on August 30th 2014.