• Morning X Podcast - 01/03/20

    Morning X Podcast for January 3rd 2020

    -Could World War 3 be coming?

    -Lori Laughlin hires prison coach

    -Team Canada makes the semi finals

    -Delta workers suing over new uniforms

    -Domestic assault over Kelly Clarkson

    -Update on attempted abduction on New York subway

    -Nirvana reunion

    -Scientist thinks he figured out time travel

    -Drunk driving a horse and buggy

    -Golden Globes going meatless

    -Donnie Wahlberg is a big tipper

    -Aiden's playoff football picks

    -Amazon device that id's shoppers by their hand

    -Man caught urinating in airport terminal in front of other passengers



  • Morning X Podcast - 01/02/20

    Morning X Podcast for January 2nd 2020

    -New Year... New Decade... Same pessimistic Mark

    -No concern about robots

    -Sad news in the NBA world

    -Firefighters take selfie outside burning house

    -Most profitable mobile apps of the decade

    -Most profitable mobile apps of the last decade

    -Ozzie possibly on his death bed

    -Getting pumped for Vegas

    -Herpes infected monkeys wreaking havoc in Florida

    -Canadian Military Officers ordered to play Pokemon Go

    -Busiest week for online dating

    -Vegan January

    -Pope slaps woman who grabs him

    -Guy live streams as he crashes car

  • Morning X Podcast - 12/31/19

    Morning X Podcast for December 31st 2019

    -2019 is coming to an end

    -Toy company buys Death row Records

    -A lot of hockey today

    -Guy tries to abduct woman on Bronx subway

    -Best and worst gadgets of the decade

    -Eddie Murphy says his old jokes are 'cringey'

    -Sharon Stone BACK on Bumble

    -McDonald's 'F'n Pig' cup is fake

    -Did you mess up your holiday staff party?

    -Google could cause Uber Eats to shut down

    -NYE the most popular day for stolen cars

    -Couple calls cops on their Roomba

    -People who fell from grace this decade