A Canadian Man Got An Absurd Amount of Cream Cheese on His Bagel


Workers at a McDonald's location in Toronto, either really like this guy... or he is a HUGE pain in the ass! There is nothing worse than ordering a Bagel with Cream Cheese, and getting such a thin layer of Cream Cheese that it's as if they didn't even put any on the knife.

Well, in a Twitter thread, Bryan Passifiume of Toronto says he asked for "extra cream cheese" on his bagel at a recent visit to McDonald's... and what he got, was a layer that was literally as thick as the bagel itself! Maybe even more so.

So again... either they totally wanted to hook this guy up... or he complains every single day that they don't put enough Cream Cheese on his bagel, and this was a giant "middle finger" to him! Unfortunatley, now he's going to expect this every day HAHA