Do-It-Yourself Fecal Transplants Gaining in Popularity


If you aren't familiar with fecal transplants, it's where doctors put actual feces from a healthy person into a sick person's intestinal tract to get some good bacteria in their gut. People claim that the procedure can help treat some diseases... but it's risky inviting all that bacteria from someone's poop into your body. So, because of that, the FDA still hasn't approved it.

But this is 2020. Who needs to listen to the FDA or doctors when we have access to billions of amateur doctors on the Internet?

So, apparently, people have started giving themselves DIY fecal transplants at home. It involves getting a healthy person to donate their poop to you... putting it in a blender... and then injecting it into yourself, enema style.

A report says people have been trying it to treat all sorts of different conditions, from Lyme disease to bipolar disorder.

Is it safe? Definitely not. Should you do it? Definitely not. Are some people still going to try it? Definitely.