• Morning X Podcast - 10/17/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 17th 2019

    -Mark hates bald people

    -Your face on a robot

    -Awkward NFL locker room

    -Basketball sized testicles

    -Guy whips out penis in dollar store

    -Kellogg's selling 6 cereals mixed together

    -Woman sneaks onto plane.... again

    -Creepy things men do

    -'Morning Rewind' for Metallica tickets

    -Open relationships never turn out well

    -Vegas qualifier

  • Morning X Podcast - 10/16/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 16th 2019

    -Mark's trying to be more positive these days

    -Mark runs his house like a communist

    -Washington off to the World Series

    -Guy eats nothing but Mac & Cheese

    -Airplane etiquette

    -Psychopaths make better doctors

    -Guy waits for apocalypse for 9 years

    -Vegas qualifier

    -'Guess the Cheese' for Sonic Temple Tickets

    -The most beautiful woman in the world

    -Four '10 hour' work days the new trend


  • Morning X Podcast - 10/15/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 15th 2019

    -Smelly people on airplanes

    -How much do we spend on impulse purchases every year

    -Chris will not blame the refs for Lions losing

    -Disney spent 3 hours announcing Disney+

    -You can only keep 1 (sex, junk food or wifi)

    -Morning Rewind for Metallica tickets

    -Orgy ends in theft

    -Vegas qualifier