Mother Visits Dead Daughter Through Virtual Reality


VR has come such a long way in the past few years. This could be really cool for some people... or extremely sad and horrifying for others.

SOURCE: A grieving mother has been "reunited" with her dead daughter again thanks to virtual reality technology. Jang Ji-sung took part in South Korean documentary 'I Met You' which followed the journey of a production team who created the VR. Jang’s seven-year-old daughter Nayeon died from a rare incurable disease in 2016. In the simulation, a virtual version of Nayeon can be seen in a recreation of a park that was special to both mother and daughter. In an incredibly moving clip posted to YouTube Jang is seen visibly distressed at first as she can see her daughter but can't really touch or hug her. However, by the end of the experience she appears to enjoy it and is able to "hold" her virtual daughter's hand, have a birthday party and put her to bed.

While this could be a great way for some people to get the "closure" they so need... it could also pose problems for some people who may become obsessed and addicted to this VR, where they won't be able to take it off and differentiate between real life and VR.