PHOTO: The X Suit Is Here


A product called "The X Suit" has been raising a ton of money on Kickstarter this week.  It basically looks like a normal men's suit, but the material is a lot stretchier, and you can supposedly wear it every day and NEVER get it dry-cleaned. 

It's also wrinkle-proof, so you can ball it up in a suitcase.  It has an odor-proof lining, so it won't get all stanky if you wear it 5 days in a row.  And they claim it's so stain-resistant that you can pour red wine on it, and it beads right off.

And if that's still not DUDE enough for you, there's also a "sport" version with a detachable hoodie. Each suit costs $300, and they say they'll deliver them by October.  Click HERE for the link.