David Draiman of Distrubed wants to perform the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in February. I'm down with the idea, but it's certainly not as easy as it looks as demonstrated by these attempts.

4) AARON LEWIS - I'm not bashing Aaron here, honestly... I didn't think it was a  terrible version. But he messed up a line early, and I really don't have much rock content for a rock station blog. Sorry Aaron. Please give us more Staind soon.

3) STEVEN TYLER - You can get through more than 10 seconds of this... you are some sort of super human. Here's a version that left many... "jaded" #aerosmithpuns

2) FERGIE - She really wasted no time here giving the National Anthem a "BLACK EYE" Because she sang with the Black Eyed Peas. Get It?

1) ROSANNE BARR - Look I had quite a few to choose from doing this, but there is no worse than this one... right? Like you can juggle the rest of the list around if you really want, but this is still the all-time worst!

BLEEDING GUMS MURPHY - And what the hell, just for some bonus ha ha ha. A great little moment from The Simpsons. Bleeding Gums Murphy laying down the anthem at a ballgame is still a classic! If you have the time for it.


Hit me up in the comment section with your best of the worst if I missed anything you wanted to see!

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