Matt Healy: 'Men Can Be Objectively Beautiful'


Matt Healy of The 1975 has pointed out that it’s possible to find another man attractive without wanting to have sex with him.

“I would, and have, kissed beautiful men, but I don’t want to f**k them,” the 30-year-old singer told Attitude. “It stops for me when it comes to [sex].”

Healy isn’t anxious to label himself other than to say he appreciates beauty.

“I tend not to talk about my sexuality that explicitly because I don’t really have to and all things are subject to change,” he said. “I’m an aesthete. I see things as objectively beautiful, so men can be objectively beautiful.

“Sometimes, I see men and I’m like, ‘F**k me, he’s peng!’”

Healy said he was raised to accept everyone. “I grew up in the gay community. That’s why I think there is my, whatever it is, activism,” he explained. “The first time I noticed a sexy kiss in real life was between two guys.

“When I look back, these are really formative experiences for people because it’s what you identify as ‘normal.’”

In August, Healy made an emotional plea for equality and acceptance – and kissed a male fan – during a concert in the conservative United Arab Emirates.

"I’m not trying to be provocative," Healy said, "but we are who we are.

“I just want us to identify as humans and not as groups of individual different people.”

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