The Morning X w/ Mark & Chris


Mark was born and raised in Windsor and has been with 89X since 2007. Mark is a foodie and concert junkie, loves trying new fad diets (even though he never sticks to them) and loves hanging out with his son and wife.

Chris is a laid back music and sports lover who likes to smoke blunts and drink red wine. Chris has an opinion on pretty much everything... even if it is wrong 99% of the time. Check out the Podcast by searching 89XMorningX in your favorite podcasting app.


  • Morning X Podcast - 09/18/20

    Morning X Podcast for September 18th 2020 -Mark Treated Chris To Lunch For Once -New Ontario Covid Restrictions And BIG Fines! -Twerking on Caskets... The New Funeral Trend -Guy Tries To Jump Draw Bridge In His Car -Chris Has a Get Together… Should He Cancel It? -Stanley Cup Finals Is Set -Starbucks Sued… Tea Was Too Hot  -Is Mark 'Steezy'? -Most Popular Adult Halloween Costumes For This Year -Halloween Candy Sales are WAY UP -2 Local Fighters On This Weekends UFC Card -Is A 2nd Shutdown Coming? Should We Stock Up Again? -'Department of Justice Karen'
  • Morning X Podcast - 09/17/20

    Morning X Podcast for September 17th 2020 -Mark Got SCREWED At The Dentist -Ontario to Lower Limit on Social Gatherings -Old People Need to Stop Trying to be Relevant  -Update on Fabricland Karen  -Want to be Great in Bed? Eat This For Breakfast -Charles Barkley's Mom Once Had To Break Up A Fight Between Shaq And Charles -Sorting Thru Yesterday's Kanye Chaos  -What Weird Things Do You Keep in Your Home? -Brain Washes Up On Shore -Big 10 Football Is Back! -PS 5 Insanity -Father Sends Child to School With Hooters Mask  
  • Morning X Podcast - 09/16/20

    Morning X Podcast for September 16th 2020 -Mark Has A Few 'Symptoms' -YMCA Closing -Are You In Favor Of A Guaranteed Income? -'Fabricland Karen' -People Including Mark Are Pissed At Taco Bell -Little River Golf Course Closing -Paying Teens For Social Media Posts -90% of Canadians Want Border Closed -22% of Americans Believe in ‘Herd Immunity’ to Solve COVID    -Spicy Nuggets NOT Coming to Canada -Mike Tyson Still Has Knockout Power -Is This The Start of a Second Wave? -1HR Turnaround For Covid Testing In Windsor -Woman Wants to Exercise With Her Cat
  • Morning X Podcast - 09/15/20

    Morning X Podcast for September 15th 2020 -Mark's a Diva -Chris is a Grinder -Cases Surge In Ontario -Alien Life on Venus  -Robber Poops in Dishwasher -Dave Grohl Wrote Song for 10-Year-Old  -Who Doesn't Like Dave Grohl? -Chris Starting GoFundMe To Buy The Lions -Is It Time To Shut Down Strip Clubs? -'Free Chicken Karen' -2K Tuesday Giveaway! -Baseball Banning Alcohol For Post Season Celebrations -Carol Basking Should Stick to Killing People  -Mayor Gets in Altercation With Police And Gets Arrested