The Morning X w/ Mark & Chris


Mark was born and raised in Windsor and has been with 89X since 2007. Mark is a foodie and concert junkie, loves trying new fad diets (even though he never sticks to them) and loves hanging out with his son and wife.

Chris is a laid back music and sports lover who likes to smoke blunts and drink red wine. Chris has an opinion on pretty much everything... even if it is wrong 99% of the time. Check out the Podcast by searching 89XMorningX in your favorite podcasting app.


  • Morning X Podcast - 02/21/20

    Morning X Podcast for February 21st 2020

    -Chris is sorry for calling Mark mean names yesterday

    -Supreme Oreo's selling for $4000

    -Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim update as Chris threatened to boycott over it

    -The new and stupid Cha Cha Slide challenge

    -Megadeth & Lamb of God tickets

    -Fishy situation going on with The Downtown Mission and the City of Windsor

    -Ron MacLean and Hometown Hockey comes to Lasalle this weekend

    -Celebrities rally around a child with dwarfism who was bullied

    -What The Google! (Mark & Chris are here to educate)

    -Ghetto Wheel of Contests for Foo Fighters tickets

    -Mark Zuckerberg has employees blow dry his arm pit sweat

    -50/50 chance at either $5 million dollars or death

    -Korn song or Corn on the cob? (for Korn & Faith No More tickets)

  • Morning X Podcast - 02/20/20

    Morning X Podcast for February 20th

    -Mark continues to struggle on his diet

    -McDonald's releasing quarter pounder merch

    -School strike tomorrow

    -Ryan Newman out of hospital

    -Brain found in jar at border crossing

    -Weird school sex guide suggests sucking toes instead of having sex

    -Megadeth & Lamb of God tickets

    -Speilberg's daughter getting into porn

    -Robbers leave trail of good for cops to find

    -Ghetto Wheel of contests for Foo Fighters tickets

    -Burger King releases moldy Whopper commercial

    -Cop escorts 8 year old to father daughter dance after after her dad passed away

    -Korn song or Corn on the cob? (for Korn and Faith No More tickets)

  • Morning X Podcast - 02/19/20

    Morning X Podcast for February 19th 2020

    -Food chains we wish we had?

    -Guy lists 10 year old snowball on Ebay

    -Via service returns in parts of Ontario

    -Mickey Renaud Night at the WFCU Centre

    -Parents stop paying daughter cell phone bill so she calls the cops

    -Megadeth & Lamb of God tickets

    -Boy Scouts of America file for bankrupcy

    -The internet is in love with a puppy who befriended a special needs pigeon

    -Ghetto Wheel of Contests for Foo Fighters tickets

    -Jars of preserved tongues found under home

    -Woman takes a Hot Cheetos bath

    -'Korn or Corn' for Korn and Faith No More tickets

  • Morning X Podcast - 02/18/20

    Morning X Podcast for February 18th 2020

    -Mark's new fresh haircut

    -Red Lobster Cheddar biscuit changes

    -Scary crash at the end of Daytona 500

    -Mask men rob toilet paper supply

    -Thief tased in 'junk' after trying to steal steaks

    -Wine prices are dropping

    -Popeye's famous chicken sandwich coming to Canada

    -New Ontario license plates aren't visible at night

    -Keto diet could cause problems with breathalyzers

    -Megadeth & Lamb of God tickets

    -Rhode Island government still using typewriters

    -Kid celebrates birthday at Target