The Morning X w/ Mark & Chris


Mark was born and raised in Windsor and has been with 89X since 2007. Mark is a foodie and concert junkie, loves trying new fad diets (even though he never sticks to them) and loves hanging out with his son and wife.

Chris is a laid back music and sports lover who likes to smoke blunts and drink red wine. Chris has an opinion on pretty much everything... even if it is wrong 99% of the time. Check out the Podcast by searching 89XMorningX in your favorite podcasting app.


  • Week 7 Vegas Grand Prize Winner!

    Al is coming to Vegas with Mark and Chris, but now he has a decision to make on who to bring!

  • Morning X Podcast - 10/11/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 11th 2019

    -Long weekend is here

    -Politician running for Sheriff admits ALL his wrong doings

    -Vegas qualifier

    -Michiganders can hold their booze

    -Driver accidently helps cops catch criminal in high speed chase

    -Guy calls farms to ask them if he can have sex with their animals

    -Guess the Theme for WWE tickets

    -Vomit in hair on a Spirit flight

    -Sleep myths

    -Vegas Grand Prize Winner

  • Morning X Podcast - 10/10/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 10th 2019

    -Do you trust anyone who has never done a drug?

    -Nike's filled with holy water

    -One good game... one bad one

    -Woman shot by dog

    -Sex fantasy's about cartoons

    -High demand for Joker porn

    -Cobain sweater being auctioned

    -Vegas qualifier

    -Guess the Theme for WWE tickets

    -Cheating at church BINGO

    -Most dangerous foods to eat while driving

    -Thong Thursday

  • Pasta Straws!

    Move over paper and metal... soon you may be sucking your drink from a noodle. To help cut down on plastic waste, Italy is going to 'pasta straws'.