The Morning X w/ Mark & Chris


Mark was born and raised in Windsor and has been with 89X since 2007. Mark is a foodie and concert junkie, loves trying new fad diets (even though he never sticks to them) and loves hanging out with his son and wife.

Chris is a laid back music and sports lover who likes to smoke blunts and drink red wine. Chris has an opinion on pretty much everything... even if it is wrong 99% of the time. Check out the Podcast by searching 89XMorningX in your favorite podcasting app.


  • Morning X Podcast - 10/21/19

    -Election Day In Canada

    -Exercise before breakfast

    -Lions season in big trouble

    -Teacher stops school shooting

    -Car thief asks cop for help

    -Chris thinks The Godfather is one of the most overrated movies

    -Guy has barn cut in half by city

    -Monday Morning Munchies

    -Impact Wrestling coming to town with Ken Shamrock

    -All you can drink... but only every 10 minutes

    -Aiden's football and election picks

    -Vegas qualifier

    -Online dating lies

  • 89 Hours In Vegas Week 8 Winner!

    Krista was this week's winner and will be joining Mark and Chris in Vegas! Still one more trip to give away next week!

  • Morning X Podcast - 10/18/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 18th 2019

    -Roulette Pizza

    -A bar where you have to come alone

    -BIG NFL injury last night

    -Netflix cracking down on shared passwords

    -Vegas qualifier

    -Earbuds causing ear infections

    -Kurt Sutter fired from FX

    -What the Google!

    -'What's the Sound?' for Metallica tickets

    -2 in 1 underground strip club

    -Suing Taco Bell over $2

    -89 Hours in Vegas Week 8 Winner

  • Morning X Podcast - 10/17/19

    Morning X Podcast for October 17th 2019

    -Mark hates bald people

    -Your face on a robot

    -Awkward NFL locker room

    -Basketball sized testicles

    -Guy whips out penis in dollar store

    -Kellogg's selling 6 cereals mixed together

    -Woman sneaks onto plane.... again

    -Creepy things men do

    -'Morning Rewind' for Metallica tickets

    -Open relationships never turn out well

    -Vegas qualifier