Morning X Podcast - 02/14/20

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Morning X Podcast for February 14th 2020

-Chris got Mark a VDAY Gift... Mark didn't get Chris anything

-Why all the hate for Valentine's Day?

-Naps proven to make us more productive

-Another bath in a Wendy's sink

-Man robs bank on first date

-101 year old man asked for parent's signature to confirm his identity

-Uber driver chases hit & run driver gets charged with kidnapping

-Man will pay 25K to find him a girlfriend

-What The Google!?

-'Movie Madness' for Rage Against The Machine Tickets

-Televangelist claims to have cure for Coronavirus

-Girl sues cop after she steals police car

-TGS Train Away! (train passes, hotel stay, concert ticket and meet & greet)

-When listeners have no idea why they are calling or what they won