Morning X Podcast - 03/20/20

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Morning X Podcast for March 20th 2020

-Is a pop tart a type of ravioli?

-Numbers continue to rise in Canada and America with cases of Covid-19

-Detroit Lions continue to make dumbass moves

-Jails continue to let out more prisoners

-Doctor says 'self pleasuring' could help fight against the Coronavirus

-More people having sex with robots now

-Weekend Weather with Frankie MacDonald

-Detroit house blows up after crack pipe is lit

-What The Google!?

-Should we be sharing blunts and joints during this pandemic?

-How to make your own sanitizer

-Drive thru 'peep shows'

-Statewide shutdowns and Florida beaches finally closed

-Stress pooping is a real thing

-No cases still in Windsor/Essex but tests taking a long time to come back