• A GPS just for Lindsay

    Anyone who's driven Lindsay's downtown knows it's a challenge, given the everywhere construction. Sure would be nice to have a very customized auto GPS, eh. 

  • A unique stage play at Coronation Hall

    Part Radio Play. Part Stage Play. Full entertainment in a wonderful venue - that's the perfect fit for this production by the Omemee Lions. Its director and two of the actors tell BOB's Saturday morning guy all about it. 

  • Big sound with a big instrument

    Mike Arthurs plays a big instrument with big sound. Together with Bob May, he's performing a special fundraising show this Thursday, in support of the Kawartha Lakes Food Source...proving they also have big hearts. 

  • Marching for The Environment

    Students across Canada - and the world - took the streets to protest climate change. In Lindsay, their voices were heard loud and clear. 

  • Senior Men's Softball League Season wrap up

    Sure, the Jays didn't have a great season. But in Lindsay, the Senior Mens Softball League had a banner year! League convener Ivan Goodhand talks to BOB's Saturday morning guy. 

  • Money in our pockets....maybe...

    They keep promising to "put more money in the pockets of tax payers." Really? Is it that easy? Ronald Trump of Ponticonk Falls may encounter a few challenges with this election promise.