A new diaper donation initiative in the City of Kawartha Lakes


Pearl’s Diaper Donors -Healthy Bottoms, Happy Babies in the Kawarthas We all know that raising a family is a tough job.  There are many moments of laughter and tears, and these moments capture our heart. For many families, the cost of diapers and baby supplies can be overwhelming especially in today’s environment.  One in five Canadians struggle to provide their baby with this basic essential1. At Pearl’s Diaper Donors, we want every child to grow up in a safe, healthy and happy environment.  We recognize that diapers are a basic need, just like food and shelter. Our mission is to seek charitable donations from the community to provide diapers and baby supplies to families who are in need within the City of Kawartha Lakes. Our goal is to help families raise healthy and happy babies in a safe environment by lessening the financial burden on these families. We are inviting our community to provide donations of diapers, diapers supplies or even a small cash donation that will be used to keep our babies health and happy.  All donations will be given to the Kawartha Lakes Food Source and other charities in the Kawarthas. how can you help?