Corey Taylor Responds To Slipknot Tribute Band's Search For Singer


Slipknot’s Corey Taylor thinks he just might have what it takes to front the “most accurate Slipknot tribute band in the world.”

The 46-year-old singer tweeted a link to a Craiglist ad from New Jersey-based Of the (SiC), who is seeking “someone in the same or near same physical shape as Corey Taylor, 5’8 … that has the same vocal range.”

Stage experience and the ability to “command a crowd and act the part” are required, according to the week-old posting.

“Please be dedicated, if you decide to be a part of this band, we need you to give it your all for as long as the band exists,” it reads.

In response, Taylor tweeted: “If you’re interested, I’m also sitting at 166 lbs…”

On Tuesday, the band posted a video message for Taylor on YouTube. “I don’t know how you found it but it definitely made an impact on us seeing all the positive comments,” the faux-Clown said.

He added that Of the (SiC)’s singer recently left "for personal reasons.”

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