Flood warning in effect for the Kawartha Conservation watershed

A flood warning is now in effect for the Kawartha Conservation watershed as "very high water levels" are being reported throughout the watershed jurisdiction.

"Record-breaking amounts of precipitation have been recorded within the Kawartha Conservation watershed. Almost 80 mm of total precipitation, including rain, freezing rain, ice pallets and snow, was observed in Port Perry over the last 36 hours. At the Indian Point Provincial Park monitoring location 67.5 mm was recorded. Out of those amounts, 57-62 mm has fallen as rain," a statement from Kawartha Conservation reads.

They say a major amount of runoff from the rain and melted snowpack was produced and as a result, water levels in local rivers and creeks have increased rapidly and are currently running exceptionally high and fast. But, no further increases are expected. Kawartha Conservation also says  water levels at all monitoring location (Mariposa Brook, Pigeon River, Blackstock Creek and Nonquon River) have started declining slowly. 

Kawartha Conservation states "All local watercourses, ditches and lakes should be considered extremely dangerous. Riverbanks are slippery and unsafe; ice cover where it exists is unstable and hazardous. Kawartha Conservation is warning all residents to stay away from rivers and lakes, as well as water structures such as bridges, culverts, and dams. Children should be warned of dangerous conditions and caregivers should maintain a close watch on children who are outside."

The Conservation says everyone in flood-prone areas should be on alert and inspect culverts and drainage inlets for debris.

If you are aware of, or have concerns about flooding, contact Kawartha Conservation at 705.328.2271 or 705.344.0155 after hours.

This flood warning will be in effect until Monday.