Denis Grignon

Denis Grignon

A Dunsford area resident – and proud raiser of chickens - Denis Grignon draws on his 20 plus years as a professional, touring standup comic when he’s in the host chair at BOB. Which means some the, ahem, ‘guests’ who drop by the studio are not your typical interviewees. (And, interestingly, their voices are similar to Denis’s!).

  • Phantom of the.....ORGAN!

    Walt Radda tells BOB's Saturday morning guy about a unique - and only slightly scary - event at Cambridge United Church in Lindsay 

  • A GPS just for Lindsay

    Anyone who's driven Lindsay's downtown knows it's a challenge, given the everywhere construction. Sure would be nice to have a very customized auto GPS, eh. 

  • A unique stage play at Coronation Hall

    Part Radio Play. Part Stage Play. Full entertainment in a wonderful venue - that's the perfect fit for this production by the Omemee Lions. Its director and two of the actors tell BOB's Saturday morning guy all about it. 


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