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Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Here are links to some COVID-19 resources/information you may find useful. Many of these items are available on the GBHU website and may be shared publicly.


Please note: the COVID-19 section of the Grey Bruce Public Health website has been recently updated. It includes general COVID-19 information, inquiries, and resourcesinformation for health care providersinformation on the recovery phase, and a message from Dr. Arra Medical Officer of Health


  1.       COVID-19 and Safe Beach Use
  2.       Summer Day Camp Guidance Document
  3.       Testing Strategy Technical Briefing
  4.       Enhanced Testing Strategy
  5.    Considerations for the Public When Receiving Mail or Packages (April 14)
  6.    Community Food Programs (April 24)
  7.       Considerations for Employees Making Service Calls (April 23)
  8.       Guidelines for Laundromats and Other Shared Laundry Facilities (April 14)
  9.       Considerations for Postal and Other Delivery Service Workers (April 14)
  10.   GBHU Daily Situation Report 
  11.   OPHA COVID-19 Summary of Key Developments for June 2, 2020 (below Social Media links)


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OPHA COVID-19 Key Developments June 2

Provincial Developments

Investing in Ontario Manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Minister Fedeli announced that more businesses are receiving financial support through the Ontario Together Fund to re-tool their processes and increase their capacity to make personal protective equipment (PPE). The announcement shared news of three companies receiving funding: Southmedic (in Barrie), Sterling Industries (in Concord), and SRB Technologies (in Pembroke).
  • Through the Ontario Together Portal and the Ontario Together Fund, the portal has received over 25,000 submissions, of which 15,000 have led to $200 million in purchases of medical supplies and equipment that has gone directly to the frontline, including 121 million masks, 4 million face shields, 100 million surgical gloves, and 20.9 million gowns.

Reopening the Economy:

  • Despite public concern that the prolonging of the state of emergency to the end of June will hinder reopening, Premier Ford reassured Ontarians that the extended state of emergency does not mean that reopening will be put on hold. He indicated that the provincial government has been working around the clock to continue with plans for reopening and considering a regional approach. The Premier emphasized that safety is still top of mind and reminded everyone that we must remain vigilant in the event of a second wave.
  • Premier Ford shared that a large part of upcoming plans is to emphasize Canadian-made products and work with industry to ensure "Made in Canada" appears prominently on Canadian-made goods. The Premier commented on Ontario as an economic powerhouse, among the best in the world.

Long-Term Care Management and Testing Targets:

  • Today the Ministry of Long-Term Care issued a Mandatory Management Order appointing St. Mary's General Hospital in Kitchener to temporarily manage Forest Heights long-term care home for 90 days. This order may be extended beyond the 90 days, if necessary.
  • Premier Ford mentioned that there are currently seven Long-Term Care homes that are now being managed by the province, and that there will soon be an eighth.
  • There are 19 Long-Term Care homes that have been flagged as "red" (a fluid system where Long-Term Care homes may move from red to yellow to green and back as issues arise and are dealt with from one day to the next), and also commented that well over 70% of the homes are doing a good job with no issues.
  • The Premier noted that the goal of testing all long-term care residents and staff for COVID-19 has been completed with additional rounds of testing underway.
  • Upcoming targets are aimed at continuing to test in congregate settings, including retirement homes, again in Long-Term Care homes for more surveillance, group homes, places where people are living together, correctional facilities, and pop-up testing facilities.


  • Premier Ford was disappointed to hear of protests outside of the legislature today where a group of 30 or so people, including children, were protesting the continuation of the state of emergency.
  • As an elected official was among protesters, Premier Ford described this action as being irresponsible and going against all of the progress that the people of Ontario have worked so hard to achieve.
  • When asked to comment on the protests occurring in the U.S., the Premier compared Canada and the U.S., describing protests here as being peaceful and there being no tolerance for racism.
  • When asked by a reporter about anti-racism funding cuts, the Premier noted that funding was not cut, in the past funding had been around $5 million and had not been fully utilized, and that if anything it will be enhanced in the future.

Positive Test Results Making Headlines:

  • Regarding the approximate 700 positive test results that were not communicated by some hospitals to public health in the GTA, Health Minister Elliott noted that the issue was a result of a miscommunication and that it has been dealt with such that all hospitals and assessment centres are aware of their reporting responsibilities. The Minister Elliott assured the media that "it won't happen again".
  • The Minister also explained that contact tracing and case management is being conducted for positive cases, and despite some people not having been contacted sooner, any individuals who were tested would have been made aware during their testing that they could access their results online and received instructions to self-isolate if positive.

Federal Developments

Racism, Reacting to News from the U.S., and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

  • Reporters pressed Canada's Prime Minister today for a statement or a message to U.S. President Trump around the racism and his threated use of the armed forces, Prime Minister Trudeau, referred back to the fact that as Canadians we should be taking this time to listen, learn, and reflect on what's going on and how in Canada we too have our own issues of systemic racism and discrimination.
  • Throughout the press conference, reporters pressed around when Canada would make an apology and roll out reparations for Canada's history around slavery. The Prime Minister responded that work in that regard will be in partnership with Black communities.
  • Reporters also pressed for answers around actions stemming from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.  The Prime Minister urged Canadians to think of how we can use reconciliation and reach out to fix our "grievous historical wrongs".

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • The Prime Minister indicated that the federal government continues working around the clock to secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to support the provinces and territories. It is predicted that the need for additional PPE will increase as the economy continues to open up. So far over 100 million surgical masks have been procured and nearly 40 million gloves.
  • Orders for PPE are being filled through domestic manufacturing and international orders. However, the federal Government is working to establish Canadian manufacturing of PPE to meet increased demand and support job creation. For example, millions of syringes are ready for once a vaccine is available, and over half of the face shields procured were produced in Canada.
  • Funding has been issued for four Canadian companies who are working on breakthrough solutions for COVID-19 rapid testing.

Reopening the Economy:

  • While a regional approach is being used to reopen the economy, the federal government recognizes that when and how things will open up depends on where you live and how things are going in your city and region.
  • To restart the economy, working across sectors is encouraged. To that end, membership was announced for the Industry Strategy Council led by Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Bains and Chaired by Monique Leroux. This council of nine business leaders is tasked with bringing together government and industry to discuss the path forward.

The NHL in Canada:

  • Those wondering about Canadian cities being able to host NHL games will need to wait for news as currently the federal government is still in talks with public health authorities and the NHL to ensure communities are protected.

Canada's Relations with the WHO:

  • When asked about the WHO and other countries' behaviours and issues with supplying accurate data, Prime Minister Trudeau iterated that the WHO remains an important ally and partner to Canada; right now the emergent focus is on keeping Canadians safe, however, more questions may be needed in the future around the international systems in place.

Summary of Cases in Ontario and Canada 

Cases in Ontario:

  • Total number of cases: 28,709 cases; an increase of 446 cases.
    • GTA public health units account for 66.2% of the cases
    • 55.1 % are female
    • 16.6% are healthcare workers (4,770 cases)
  • Resolved: 22,484 (78.3%)
  • Deaths: sadly, 2,293 people have died
  • Hospitalized: 801 people are hospitalized; 125 are in intensive care and of those, 87 are on a ventilator
  • Long-term care homes: 176 active outbreaks; 5,158 confirmed cases in residents; 1,825 confirmed cases in staff; 1,465 deaths among residents and five among staff
  • Retirement homes: 86 homes are in outbreak; 151 deaths reported
  • Lab testing: 747,964 tests completed; 15,244 tests completed in the last 24 hours; 10,622 are currently under investigation

Cases in Canada:

  • Total number of cases: 92,151; an increase of 800 cases
  • Deaths: 7,344
  • People tested: 1,721,511 people tested


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