Message from Mayor Barb Clumpus

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July 24, 2020

Message from Mayor Barb Clumpus

As we settle in to Stage 3 of the provincial recovery plan, some things are getting back to normal while others are still looking a little different. We’ve certainly come a long way from the beginning of our pandemic experience way back in March, but we are not out of the woods yet. The virus is still lurking and to avoid a setback, precautions like wearing face coverings in enclosed spaces must still be in place. Some Municipal services will be back online in the coming weeks, and while they won’t be quite the same, we are all looking forward to revisiting some of the opportunities for fun that have been put on hold.

As of next Thursday, July 30th, the Meaford museum will reopen its doors to allow you to share and explore our history in the making. Exhibits display our local and Canadian history including farming, our rural culture and our connection to military history.  In keeping with safety protocols, we ask that you enjoy these exhibits “hands free”, follow the directional arrows and of course, wear masks and practice physical distancing. There is still so much to see and learn about our fascinating local history. And who knows? Maybe museums of the future will feature exhibits on the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.

Taking advantage of the 24/7 Virtual Library to access e-books, movies and more, as well as curbside pickup has helped many fill the long days, but regulars and visitors will once again be able to enjoy picking hardcopy books in person as the Meaford Public Library reopens to the public as of Tuesday, August 4.  Again, please remember to wear a mask and practice physical distancing and handwashing to keep patrons and staff safe.

Our facilities are reopening as safely and cautiously as possible, but there are areas where this is impossible. One of these is the popular splash pad that is operated by a common touch button and uses our drinking water, which cannot be chlorinated sufficiently to protect our children.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we get these facilities up and running.  Please continue to follow all recommended precautions and treat everyone with kindness and respect – we just don’t know if someone we meet is having a tough time coping with this situation. It is the caring and thoughtfulness of our community that has brought us through the worst of the pandemic, and our resilience and compliance with health unit protocols that will carry us through the months to come.

Stay well everyone.

-      Mayor Barb Clumpus

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