Traffic Calming Campaign in Hanover


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Hanover, ON N4N 1N8
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Traffic Calming Campaign in Hanover

The Town of Hanover is a “Regional Hub” that attracts visitors for work, recreation and entertainment. This “Regional Hub” status brings high volumes of traffic on a daily basis that makes our main roadways and some residential streets very busy.
In the first half of 2020, the Hanover Police Service has investigated 47 motor vehicle collisions on our roadways that included 3 pedestrians being struck along with 35 driving complaints that were directly related to aggressive driving behaviours.
In an ongoing effort to calm traffic, the Hanover Police Service has been engaging with our Town Council members, the County of Grey -

Roads Representatives, the Hanover Police Services Board and concerned citizens that has resulted in the development of several interwoven strategies to reduce speeding and aggressive driving complaints within the Town of Hanover.


These traffic-calming strategies include the following;
1. The purchase of digital display speed signs in 2018, deployed in several locations in Hanover that are often relocated to complaint zones with high traffic volume.
2. The “Speed Awareness Signs” recently deployed and distributed to community members in speed complaint zones designed to increase driver awareness.
3. Ongoing education and awareness through local and regional media coverage &
4. Ongoing traffic enforcement campaigns targeting speeding, aggressive and distracted motorists.


In the month of June and July, Hanover officers have charged drivers with various aggressive driving related offences under the Highway Traffic Act. These drivers resided in various municipalities throughout Ontario and beyond that incuded; Hanover, Brockton, Chesley, West Grey, Guelph, Bradford, Toronto, Mount Forest, Moorefield, Britt, Harriston and Formosa.

We remain committed to keeping our Town’s roadways safe, knowing that safer roads makes for safer communities and are counting on the motoring public to do their part by keeping their eyes up and their speed down.

Date of Release: July 23 2020
Release: Immediate
Authority for Release: Chief Christopher R. KNOLL
Christopher R. Knoll
Chief of Police

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