Update from the Grey Bruce Health Unit for May 2nd, 2021

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Testing and case counts reported as of 23:59 hrs, May 1, 2021:

  • 3 new cases reported in past 24 hours in Grey Bruce: 2 – Georgian Bluffs; 1 – Brockton   

“Thank you Grey Bruce communities; keep up the great work!  The number of cases continues to decline. What is most reassuring is that about half of the new cases were previously identified as close contacts. As such, they have been in isolation during the past week prior to being identified as a positive case.  Having already been in isolation means there will be no secondary transmission from these cases to others. Also, almost all the new cases have been very accommodating in providing complete and detailed information on where they have been and whom they contacted. That information further ensures our Case and Contact management team is better able to further minimize the risk of any additional transmission from these cases.” Dr. Arra

  • 1209 confirmed cases
    • Includes 282 cases of Variants of Concern (VOC), 32 active
  • 56 active cases
  • 209 active high-risk contacts
  • 1148 resolved cases
  • 3 confirmed case(s) hospitalized in Grey Bruce due to COVID-19
    • +7 case(s) transferred from other Health Unit’s to local Intensive Care Units; all cases remain with the transferring Health Unit and are not reflected in local case counts
  • 3 deaths in Grey Bruce
    • +1 death related to a Grey Bruce resident that acquired the infection and was treated outside of Grey Bruce
    • +1 death related to a Grey Bruce resident that acquired the infection in Grey Bruce however passed away outside of Grey Bruce
  • 93 cases reported in health care workers; reports health care workers living in Grey Bruce and working both in and outside Grey Bruce


Active Outbreaks:



NEW* Active School Investigations: Schools (publichealthgreybruce.on.ca)

  • All School Investigations are now available in table format. If an investigation is confirmed as an outbreak, the investigation will be moved to the outbreak table.


Vaccine - Website and Dashboard

  • Vaccine shipment week of April 26, 2021, 7010 doses received
  • 5869 COVID-19 vaccines given in the past 7 days
  • 60236 total doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered in Grey and Bruce


Future Vaccination Planning:


Actions Taken In the Past 24 Hours:

  • Public Health has been actively engaged to support schools with ongoing updates and consultation meetings with local Boards and officials from all schools in Grey and Bruce
  • GBHU COVID-19 Team continue with case and contact management, reporting, and responding to COVID-19 related calls. Contact tracing exceeds provincial targets with 100% of all cases contacted within 24 hours
  • GBHU Team continue to ensure essential public health activities not related to COVID-19


Provincial COVID-19 Data - https://covid-19.ontario.ca/data

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