Impossible Trivia and The 5:00 3Sum - February


Play Impossible Trivia on The Morning Show with Ted and Diana or The 5:00 3Sum with Don Vail for the month of February to qualify to win a $500 gift certificate to Owen Sound Medical Aesthetics.  

They've got facial rejuvenation, laser hair removal, leg vein treatments & MORE!

Check out their services HERE.


Impossible Trivia 

Weekday mornings at approximately 7:40am Ted and Diana will ask an almost impossible question.  The first caller through who can correctly guess the answer to their question will get added to the draw to win.  

5:00 3Sum 

Weekday afternoons at approximately 5:00pm Don Vail will play three songs with one common element.  Be the first caller through to guess the commonality between the three songs correctly and you will be added to the draw to win.  


We will conduct a draw from all qualifiers from Impossible Trivia and The 5:00 3Sum over the contest period (February 3rd - February 28th 2020) at aproximately 5:15pm on Friday, Feburary 28th with Don Vail.