Madonna Postpones Show Due To Knee Injury


Madonna show on Monday night in Brooklyn was postponed due to a knee injury.

In an Instagram post, the 61-year-old pop icon said she must rest for the next three days. “I am not a quitter,” Madonna wrote. “This hurts me more than you can imagine. [It’s] time to take those heels and fishnets off for a few days! Thank you for your understanding.”

Ticketholders were advised that details about rescheduling will be forthcoming.

In late August, the kick-off of the Madame X tour was bumped five days due to issues with “highly specialized production elements” in the show. The Sept. 12 and 14 shows were moved to Oct. 10 and 12 and the Sept. 15 show was cancelled.

On Friday, Madonna pushed her Oct. 31 show in San Francisco to Nov. 5.

The Madame X tour is also scheduled to have multi-night runs at small venues in Chicago, Las Vegas, L.A., Boston, Philadelphia and Miami Beach before hitting Lisbon, London and Paris.

Madame X, released in June, disappeared from the Billboard 200 chart after only two weeks. The following week, the album tumbled 76 spots – the year’s biggest fall from No. 1 and the fourth-farthest drop ever. In its third week, the album fell off the chart.

In Canada, Madame X debuted at No. 2 and then dropped to No. 38, and then to No. 85, before disappearing from the Top 100.

In July, Madonna urged haters to stop following her on social media. “if i am not relevant then prove it," she said. "Stop following me. Lol.”

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