All candidates meeting scheduled to talk about climate change

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A group of local residents concerned about climate change has invited all of the six Bruce Grey Owen Sound federal candidates to a meeting. 

Spokesperson Bill Jones tells Dock News they want to talk specifically about Canada's "Green New Deal"  which aims to reduce greenhouse gases by half in the next decade through a number of initiatives.   

The group has issued the following release: 


Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound riding constituents with grave climate emergency concerns and who back Canada’s Green New Deal, have invited candidates running in the
upcoming fall election, to join them and all interested people for an evening to share each party’s intentions towards utilizing/realizing the goals of Canada’s Green New

The Pact for a Green New Deal demands we cut emissions in half by 2030, protect critical cultural and biological diversity, create a million jobs, and address the multiple
crises we face through a holistic and far reaching plan that respects the constitutionally enshrined and internationally recognized rights of Indigenous peoples.

This large, nonpartisan coalition calls on all federal political parties, in the lead up to the election, to put versions of the Green New Deal that meet those goals in their platforms.

A new poll by Abacus Data shows a clear majority of Canadians (61 per cent) support the idea of a Green New Deal.

“A Green New Deal must be a deal for everyone. Facing the climate crisis means facing the many other crises — economic inequality, housing insecurity, precarious work, and
rising racism — that threaten our communities and social fabric.

We can build universal and far-reaching solutions that transform our economy, create dignified work, prioritize public ownership, and make our communities healthier.

But we have to come together with a plan to do it.”

Location - Harmony Centre, 890 4th Ave. E; Owen Sound, ON

Date/Time - September 10/19 Doors open: 6:30 pm, Mtg/debate: 7 - 9 pm

Length of Individual Candidates Green New Deal Platform/Version - up to 5
minutes in length

- public question and answer period to follow candidates synopsis

- moderator Michael McLuhan will assist with assuring format and time given per

- community members of the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound riding are cordially invited to

- local media outlets will be invited to attend/report


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