Detours go up around 10th Street bridge tonight

cjos bridge map

Here we go Owen Sound. 

One final day of "normal" traffic flow through the city before the 10th Street bridge closes for at least the next 15 months.  

City Hall says detours will go up at 6 pm on October 2, closing the bridge from 2nd Ave East to 2nd Ave West until December 2020.  

1st Aves East and West will also be closed at 10th Street.  

In order to accommodate better traffic flow for the next year,  the city has made several changes they're hoping will help.  

They've eliminated some parking spots on 8th and 9th Streets to give additional traffic lanes.  

Other parking spots have been added to 10th Street East.  

Stop signs for east and westbound motorists at the 9th Street bridge have also been eliminated to improve flow while two way traffic will be permitted on 1st Ave East.  

Also watch for all the new signage that's gone up to advise you of the changes. 

All of these changes will take some getting used to and no one expects it to be smooth sailing to start.  

You're being advised to give yourself additional time to get from one end of town to the other.  

The city's website also advises car pooling and taking deep breaths while stuck in traffic.  

For more details on the changes head to  

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