ETFO releases strike dates for next week affecting Bluewater schools

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Parents now being told what days next week they'll have to arrange alternative day care. 

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has released the dates for next week's job action.  

In their escalation of job action this week, the union has vowed to hit every board twice a week until a deal is reached.  

Their province wide walk out NEXT WEEK will be on Tuesday, Feb 11 which means public elementary schools across Ontario will be closed. 

Their rotating walk outs will target the Bluewater District School Board on Thursday, February 13 which means elementary schools will be closed that day as well. 

THIS WEEK the province wide walk out is Thursday, February 6 meaning Bluewater elementary schools will close. 

Meanwhile it seems many parents are slow off the mark in applying for the financial compensation being offered by the province due to the closure of schools during the strikes.  

The PC's are offering to pay out millions to parents inconvenienced by having to find day care.  

Figures show more than three-quarters of eligible families have not yet applied.  

Parents are being offered anywhere from $25 to $60 per child per day each time their schools are closed.  

Once parents apply and list their school board, the funds will be automatically sent to them based on the strike schedules. 

ETFO President Sam Hammond says a deal with the province was within reach last week when talks broke off. 

He says at the 11th hour, after both sides had reached compromises on three of the four key issues, the province tabled what he called "impossible options" that the union just couldn't support.  



“Frankly our negotiating team was absolutely stunned at the eleventh hour change in their position.”

Hammond suggested that the Ontario government was “willing to scuttle agreements” in order to erode public support in their job action.

“ETFO, its 83,000 members and the public have to question what the (Doug) Ford government’s motivation was for change tactics when we were that close to an agreement at the table.”

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