Georgian Bluffs re opening certain amenities

cjos georgian bluffs

Effective Friday, May 22 the Township of Georgian Bluffs is opening some outdoor recreational amenities.

Athletic fields, tennis courts, and Township greenspaces are open as well as the bike and skate park located at Shallow Lake Community Centre.

All playgrounds and public beaches remain closed, as do the public restrooms at these facilities.  

The lock at the Balmy Beach Tennis Courts will remain the same as in 2019, therefore should you still have your key from the previous season, you will have immediate access to the courts.

Fees for the 2020 season can be paid via the drop box at the Township Office.

Please fill out the form located on the Township’s website here: 

We ask that these public spaces are used responsibly while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

Additionally, please continue to respect social gathering restrictions as implemented by the Province. 

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