Hanover & District Hospital staff member tests positive

cjos hanover hospital

(Dock News stock photo)


The Grey Bruce Health Unit has received confirmation of a team member, associated with the Hanover & District Hospital that has tested positive for COVID-19.  

Public Health  is working collaboratively with the hospital to manage this case effectively. 

The hospital continues to ensure all appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and cleaning practices are in place and is confident in its ability to provide exceptional care to its communities. 

All case and contact management is the sole role of Public Health.

As case and contact management unfolds, all high risk contacts will be notified within 24 hours; this includes staff and public.  

If you are not notified, you are not considered at high risk, and testing is not warranted.   

Testing for COVID-19 is only warranted if you have symptoms of the virus, or if you are directed to by Public Health, or for any other requirement (international travel, workplace requirements).  

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