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 The town of Hanover has joined forces with fifteen other lower-tier municipalities, Bruce and Grey Counties, eight police services, and more than 30 education, health and social service organizations across Bruce and Grey to prepare a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (CSWBP).  

This approach to community safety and well being planning is extremely collaborative and focuses on addressing the risks in our communities that can lead to crime.

The process includes: identification of programs and services in existence that already support community safety and well-being, broad community engagement to identify the risks that exist in communities across Bruce and Grey, and then action planning to address the priority risks for each municipality, as well as Bruce and Grey as a whole.  
The first phase of community engagement includes a survey.  Visit cswbp-brucegrey.ca  or www.hanover.ca for more information and to see how you can participate!  
Community engagement sessions for HANOVER will be held between March and April 2020.  

Watch the website for more information. 

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