Hanover event organized by doctor has been cancelled

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An event organized by a Hanover physician and supported by the town has been cancelled after public back lash on social media.  

Dr. Susan Batten is wrapping up two weeks of isolation after her son returned from Argentina.  

She tells Dock News she's been living in the Hanover Medical clinic for two weeks while she continues to work on the front lines knowing that her son would pose a risk to her and her patients. 

Dr. Batten says she wanted to organize Sunday's event called "Stand Together by not Standing Together" after incidents she experienced and witnessed while out shopping for groceries recently.  

The premise of the event was to gather health care professionals, EMS,police and fire personnel as well as friends and family, according to the release, to stand outside stores and parks to show what it means to be physically distant. 

The post on the Town of Hanover's Facebook page on Friday got swift and angry reaction from members of the community saying the event flies in the face of what government officials are begging us to do - STAY HOME. 

She says the event was planned out of desparation. 

"Front line health care workers, doctors and nurses, are desparate for people to get the message that we are not doing enough to prevent a surge.  I needed a way to stand up and not be silen about this". 

Dr. Batten tells Dock News, she understands the irony in asking people to leave their homes and gather for this event at a time when all levels of government are telling people to stay home.  

She says the idea was to get pepole out in their own family groups.  They were not asking a collection of strangers to gather.  

"Its important to understand is that all the doctors and nurses are asking for is for people to really think about what they're doing."

The doctor says eventhough the event has been cancelled, it got the attention she wanted. 


After Dock News contacted the Town of Hanover regarding the event, Dr. Batten issued the following statement to the community ~ 

To the community of Hanover,

Thank you for hearing my (our) distress.

Your posts tell me you are listening, so thank you.

I am desperate - I am desperate to speak UP and be HEARD.

IF WE DON’T start telling our neighbours, our friends, the people we see out and about to stay back, to not go into the stores as a social event, to reduce our risk - our family, our friends, and we will get sick, and many of us will die.

It was because of both my experiences in the stores when I went to get some milk last weekend, but others, nurses, and physicians who I have spoken to that had us come up with a desperate plea to be heard.

DO I want to spend my time, and that of other health care workers to go out and stand in parking lots with signs telling people to go home and stay away - no of course not.
What I want is to protect my community, my colleagues, my friends, my family and myself from this horrible devastating virus.

I want you to be protected, I want us to make it to the other side of this, I want to flatten the curve.

We, your health care providers, desperately need your help.  

So if you feel (as I do) that us going out there is a bad idea - than please, please stand UP and speak UP to those around you that are not respecting what is being asked of them.

We will pull the event, because just posting it got the attention we needed.  So thank you.

I can go back to working to protect my community, and I can trust that my community will go on with protecting us.

We are in this together - thank you for being in it with me.

Susan Batten
Hanover Medical Associates.


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