Inglis Falls Road to be closed next week

cjos Inglis

Georgian Bluffs has issued the following release on the closure of Inglis Falls Road from Feb 10 to Feb 21.  


In preparation of the reconstruction of Inglis Falls Road and during the complete reconstruction of the traveled surface and retaining wall, the contractor, Moorefield Excavating, has been granted permission to close the section of Inglis Falls Road from the entrance of 237794 north to the entrance of 237848 as highlighted in orange below. 
In order to best respect the environment and ensuring that Provincial requirements are met.  

The Township of Georgian Bluffs has allowed Moorefield Excavating to close this section from February 10, 2020 until February 21, 2020 for the removal of the marked trees and vegetation as approved by the NEC and GSCA.  

During this time, local traffic only will be allowed on Inglis Falls Road with NO travel through the construction zone. 
The remainder of the work is anticipated to begin in April 2020 (weather dependent) and be completed by October 31, 2020.  

Again, during this time, local traffic only will be allowed on Inglis Falls Road up to the construction barriers.  

Access to all property entrances will be maintained during construction.  

All Emergency Services will be notified so they are aware of the best approach to all properties during construction in order to ensure minimum response time. 

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