Its election day in Canada

cjos vote

Its been 40 days of travelling, campaiging and political jabs  and now its our turn to decide who gets to be the country's next Prime Minister.  

Canadians cast their ballots today in a general election after what the leaders admit themselves was a nasty and divisive campaign.  

While Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has been battling it out, neck and neck, with his Conservative counterpart Andrew Scheer,  NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has steadily gained ground while the Bloc Quebecois has surged in Quebec which could scuttle hopes of a majority government .    

Locally it'll be an interesting vote as the Liberals likely have the best chance they'll get with the departure of long time Bruce Grey Owen Sound Tory MP Larry Miller who announced his retirement earlier this year.   

Retired military Colonel Alex Ruff of Tara is hoping to replace Miller but not if Liberal candidate and former Trudeau staffer Michael Den Tandt has anything to say about it.

 Also running locally is NDP candidate Chris Stevens.  

For the Greens its Grey Highlands councillor Danielle Valiquette.  

Two other names on the ballot as well - People's Party of Canada candidate Bill Townsend and Libertarian Dan Little.  

Polls are open from 9:30 this morning to 9:30 tonight and don't forget local and national results can be found at or on any of our CTV News affiliates. 



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