Lead levels for almost two dozen Grey Bruce schools and day cares

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An investigation into the amount of lead in our schools' water supply may have parents concerned.  

More than 2,400 Ontario schools exceed current federal guidelines including almost two dozen in Grey Bruce.  

Health Canada has set the acceptable level at 5 parts ber billion and nearly a third of all schools and daycares in this province have been above that over the past two years.

The provincial level is 10 parts per billion. 

These results use the federal guidelines.   

O-S-D-SS  and Beaver Valley top the list in our region with a lead level that's 60 percent higher than the standard.  

Old lead taps and fountains have been the main culprits.  

Health officials say there is no safe level of lead and children are particularly vulnerable to its long term effects which can include cognitive development, IQ levels and overall health.

The World Health Organization says there is no safe level of lead.

In July of 2017, the province brought in legislation to require lead tests be conducted at schools and day care centres at any fountain or tap that's used for drinking water. 

At the same time, its estimated the cost of repairs and the removal of old water fixtures would total close to $16 billion. 

Below is the list of schools and daycares in Grey Bruce that were tested between 2-16 and 2018 including some of which that have been closed including the top two schools - Dufferin and Bayview.  

  Dufferin E S Grey Bruce 100%
  Bayview Public School Grey Bruce 77.8%
  Owen Sound District Secondary School Grey Bruce 60%
  Beaver Valley Community S Grey Bruce 60%
  St Vincent-Euphrasia E S Grey Bruce 56.2%
  St Joseph's S Grey Bruce 50%
  Sacred Heart Sep S Grey Bruce 50%
  Chesley Nursery School Grey Bruce 50%
  Viola Jean's Garden Daycare Grey Bruce 50%
  Sacred Heart HS Grey Bruce 40%
  Huron Heights PS Grey Bruce 37.5%
  John Diefenbaker SS Grey Bruce 35.7%
  Holy Family Sep S Grey Bruce 33.3%
  Hillcrest E S Grey Bruce 33.3%
  Dawnview PS Grey Bruce 33.3%
  Elgin Market PS Grey Bruce 33.3%
  Hepworth Central School Grey Bruce 30%
  G C Huston P S Grey Bruce 30%
  Immaculate Conception Sep S Grey Bruce 25%
  Kincardine Dss Grey Bruce 20%
  Timothy Christian School Grey Bruce 16.7%
  Beavercrest Community S Grey Bruce 16.7%
  Paisley Central School Grey Bruce 16.7%
  Keppel-Sarawak E S Grey Bruce 12.5%
  Bruce Peninsula District Secondary And Elementary Schools Grey Bruce 12.5%


The Bluewater District School Board released the following statement to Dock News when we inquired about the levels. 

"Bluewater District School Board conducts regular water flushing and testing at all of its schools and facilities, and ensures all necessary corrective actions are taken as required by Ontario Regulation 243/07.  Annual water compliance sampling for all schools and facilities is conducted by a third party with results provided to the board.  Bluewater District School Board is aware of all instances in its schools and facilities where there has been a lead exceedance.  All schools and facilities are currently in full compliance with Ontario Regulation 243/07.  Sample results that are above the standard are taken out of service until the necessary corrective actions are implemented to reduce levels below the standard.  This may include removing a fixture (e.g. water tap or fountain) altogether. "  

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