Local dentist loses family in Iranian plane crash

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Dock News has learned that the husband and father of two of the victims on the ill-fated Ukrainian Airlines jet that went down in Iran on Wednesday, is a local dentist. 

42 year old Hamed Esmaeilion,  a dentist at Saugeen Dental in Hanover told media outlets on Wednesday he was preparing for the return of his family from Iran when the tragic news was delivered that their plane had crashed after take off from Tehran killing all 176 people on board. 

Among them his wife Parisa Eghbalian, who was also a dentist at Grundy's Family Dental Care in Lucknow and Hanover,  and their 9 year old daughter Reera who also used to attend Dawnview Public School. 

The family, who lives in the GTA, settled in Canada 9 years ago. 

The last conversation Esmaeilion has with his family, who were in Iran to attend his sister-in-law's wedding, had been a day earlier, as he prepared to go to work.

He told reporters he was concerned about  their flight because of the political tensions in the region, and had been checking if the plane had departed.

He says he felt some relief when it took of safely. 

Esmaeilion and his wife shared a dental practice in Richmond Hill, but he also has patients in Hanover. 

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