Meaford makes arrangements to add more patio space for restaurants

cjos patio

Meaford’s restaurants are open for business, with outdoor patios coming to Sykes Street.

A limited number of parking spaces are being converted to restaurant patios between Collingwood and Nelson Street in downtown Meaford, so you can enjoy a meal from a local restaurant in the sunshine, just one block from the beautiful waterfront.

Concrete barriers will be installed between the road and the patios for public safety later this week, and sidewalks will be kept clear for pedestrian traffic.

Restaurants will set up their patios by adding decking, tables and seating.

The barriers will be in place until October, when they will be removed for the winter.

“Our restaurants have been working hard to make it through the last few months with takeout and curbside pickup.” said Manager of Strategic Initiatives Janet Sperling. “With these patios they can get back to serving tables safely as we work towards economic recovery.”

“Our staff have been working in close partnership with the business community and the Economic Recovery Task Force that includes representation from the Chamber of Commerce and BIA, throughout the pandemic” said CAO/Director of Development Services Rob Armstrong. “Implementing the Patio project, originally approved in 2015, is one way we can support our local economy and the needs of our businesses. In addition, we have also been working with restaurants in establishing patios on their own property.”

Parking continues to be free in Meaford’s downtown core, with spaces available along the east side of Sykes Street, and in lots at Market Square and between Nelson and Trowbridge Street. See the attached map for parking lot locations.


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