Owen Sound couple heading to parole hearing

cjos gus

An Owen Sound couple will appear at a parole hearing Thursday in Brockville for the man who killed their family dog.  

Candace and Martin Dean tell Dock News 24 year old Wyatt Sturgeon is up for early release and they're going to try to stop it.   

He plead guilty last year to four charges including break and enter as well as cruelty to animals after attacking the Dean's 13 year old black lab named Gus, with an axe.  

The dog's injuries were so severe, the family had to put him down. 

In October of 2019 Sturgeon was sentenced to 18 months in jail; 3 years probation and a lifetime ban on owning an animal of any kind.  

Candace Dean says he hasn't served long enough.  

"We feel five months isn't adequate for him to deal with what he did or the mental health issues.  He hasn't had enough councelling and medication is only a quick fix"

Sturgeon was being treated for bi-polar disorder after the incident in May.  

Dean says they'll be making an victim impact statement and she's also got letters from community members but she's not sure she'll be allowed to read those at the tribunal. 

She and her husband are both receiving councelling for PTSD after the trauma of seeing their dog with horrific wounds and having to put him down.  

She says the house resemebled a 'blood bath'.  

Sturgeon is serving his time at the St. Lawrence Correctional facility in Brockville.  




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